Marisa Mae Mills

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

East Gull Lake, MN - 56401

  • (218) 825-3509

Conscious Business and Transformational Leader

As a certified Hendricks Conscious Living and Loving Coach, and an Owner/ Vice President of a successful Automotive Group and Retail Business, I utilize and practice the Hendricks principles to achieve my personal and professional visions and stretch goals. This approach of body centered leadership and transformation creates an open flow of results with less effort. I specialize in working with business leaders, assisting them to transform their vision into alignment, expanding their leadership depth, and fulfilling their purpose and profitability. I am an active business leader available to advise and coach other business leaders with a desire and passion to consciously transform their business, engage their teams, expand into creative energy and abundance, and obtain successful results, maximum profitability, and effectiveness. I am also available to coach individuals who are seeking relief from resistant energy and emotional pain, and wishing to unleash locked up potential with ease and flow, consciously explore wholeness within yourself, and to enjoy more satisfying and loving relationships.