Berry Koeleman

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Uithoorn, Nederland-1424 NC

  • +31 653 133 085
  • +31 0297 525 225

Berry has a great talent for motivating people and getting others to feel excited about doing something. Coaching people to help them to create possibility, love and openness in their lives. Berry is a natural Motivation and Manifestingcoach. His enthusiasm is contagious and knows how to move you and to go for your Genius! To go for your passion! Berry is a Genius enterprenour and is succesfull in business and creating projects. He is now offering to share these skills with you. Seeing the talents and qualities in you and to get things moving in your life. Your ideas and thoughts putting into action and reality. When Berry enters in your life energy is rising and things are going to happen. Contact him if you want an inspiring coach.

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Odeke Kwantes

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

De Kwakel, The Netherlands-1424 NC

  • +31 621 281 481
  • +31 0297 525 225

Life Coach

The material Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks offer, is about finding your true genius and living in love and flow all the time. The tool they use is learning to listen to your body and speak the unarguable truth. I can help you find your true genius and experience ease and flow in your day to day life. Just by showing you some very simple tools that you can use as often as you like.

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Willemijn Laan

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Amsterdam - The Netherlands - Europe

  • +31646346660

Conscious loving, living & business coach

As a business owner since 2009, owning multiple businesses, being in a co-parenting relationship with my ex, and in a conscious love relationship with my man, with an enormous interest in personal development, relationships, entrepreneurship and living fully, I will guide you through each session with passion. You’ll get me fully focused on you and what you need for your life. I will help you feel space, flow, and energy. Our sessions will focus on experiencing more pleasure and owning your authentic role in life. My coaching clients feel more permission to do what feels right to them instead of doing what others tell them what’s right, they feel more confident to take the lead, to embody their genius. And leave each session with more clarity and energy. I intensively studied the work of Katie & Gay Hendricks at The Hendricks Institute and use their tools in our exploration together.
Sessions can be in-person or online.

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Meinrad & Katrin Milz / Bieber

Bad Groenenbach, Bavaria-87730

  • 0049-8334-986626


Personal coaches for individuals and couples: modern health prevention, issues of personal growth and relationships. We offer “FoundationTrainings”, “Conscious Loving and Lving Trainings”, Conscious breathing classes. Founder of the Gesunheitszentrum Bad Groenenbach.

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Susanne Wagner

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Bad Grönenbach – Germany – Europe

  • +49 174 6854657

Body and Relationship Coach – Conscious Living, Loving and Breathing

“It is my genius to reveal essence through the body.

And it’s a joy.”

After 30+ years of work and play as a trainer and coach, I bring experience and enthusiasm for bodies and their expression. I have a helpful perception of often unconscious movement and behavior patterns and invite creativity to generate new flavors into life.

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Nathaniel Whitestone

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Uckfield, East Sussex, UK

  • +44 (0) 7766 093015

High-Integrity Leaders and Relationships

I DEEPLY ENJOY THE IMPROVISATIONAL PLAY OF HELPING CLIENTS OPEN UP TO THEIR MAGNIFICENT CREATIVE POWER. Do you want radical change, or do you want a great life to be even better? I bring years of training as a coach and decades of experience in private practice, as well as experience as a martial artist, storyteller, healer, business man, and perhaps most important, a man who has sustained lasting love through the practices I teach and coach.

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