Julie Colwell, Ph.D.

Leadership and Transformation Graduate


The coaching I do, the retreats, classes, and workshops that I teach support people in finding their true power and using their new skills to be more authentic, live in higher levels of integrity, and have more fun in their lives. All of this matches up with my life purpose, which is to support the world in shifting from a “power over/power under” hierarchical paradigm to a “power with” paradigm. In this new world, it is to everyone’s advantage for each of us to express our innate gifts and to be our biggest, most amazing selves.

I’ve written three books (The Relationship Ride, The Relationship Skills Workbook, and The Inner Map) and am the founder and director of the Evolutionary Power Institute, where we teach tools and have a community to practice those in so you can embody the ability get unstuck, create aliveness, and fall in love with yourself, your partner, and the world. You can find out more about me and the work I do at juliacolwell.com .

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Dee Cooper, D.Min., LCMFT (Fellow), Adventures for the Wild at Heart, Founder; Lead Presbyter, Denver Presbytery and P4P facilitator

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

Master Explorer, Creator of Play, Context Changer, Essence See-er

I am known for both my big energy and my big heart.

I bring a love of play to all I do, and travel alongside my clients as they dive deep and soar high. Drawing upon decades of therapeutic and coaching experiences and lifetimes of broad spiritual wisdom, I explore with others as they encounter the wild love within both animals and themselves. I am an empath, an animal communicator, an irreverent reverend. I have an unflappable loving presence and capacity for holding vast space. I delight exploring with others through all life transitions from birth through death, and all the delightful in betweens.

I offer private coaching sessions, workshops, and lead individuals and groups on animal encounters throughout the world.  I work with large organizations desiring contextual changes. I provide coaching and facilitate national workshops for pastors , congregations, and presbyteries.  I facilitate many workshops around the country with the US Air Force and their care providers. I facilitate the Radiance process.

Adventures for the Wild at Heart is my heart’s dream.

I believe that by inviting deep connections with animals into our experience, we transform and expand our capacity for compassion. This work has far reaching consequences for all of us. By continuing to open our own hearts, welcome learning in all forms, we begin to change the world.


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Lynn Cornelius

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Greeley, Colorado

  • (970) 481-5698

Are you a closet creative? A wanna-be artist? Do you want to enjoy your creativity in a way that enlivens you and inspires others? Are you willing to experience the rocket-fuel creative expression will bring to all aspects of your life: your career, your relationships, your everyday experience of aliveness?
Having taught art at the college level for over ten years, I offer a unique understanding and insight into the challenges—and joys—of living a creative life. I have taught hundreds of artists and those wanting to experience a juicier life open up to their creative power and overcome blocks with ease.

As a certified Hendrick’s Institute Conscious Living and Loving Coach and an internationally exhibited artist, I blend my wide-open curiosity, razor-sharp insight, and playful exuberance to facilitate transforming your relationship with creativity. Combining practical tools with experiential whole-body play, we collaborate fresh ways for you to get unstuck and redirect your energy into creating a life that feeds your soul.

Phone, Skype, and in-person sessions available.

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Anna Downing

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Boise, Idaho

  • (303) 912-7138

Life Coach

Anna possesses a quiet strength that supports you in reclaiming the perfection of who you really are and in accessing your deep inner wisdom. Exploration with Anna is easy, like sharing tea with a good friend.  Favorite topics:  communications, intuition, relationship, well being, creativity.  Anna is available in person or over the phone for individual coaching and for facilitating skills classes with individuals, couples, small groups or businesses.

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Mari Heart

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Boulder, Colorado

  • (303) 588-8505

I specialize in the development of bodymind vibrance. I support individuals who have a desire to bring their natural happiness to the fore, especially those who have a commitment to create the life of their dreams. In addition, I am a career educator and have well developed skills for working with children through a variety of modalities. I am a training leader and facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. I am dedicated to evolution at personal, family, community, national and global levels and to transforming the world one heart at a time. I invite you to join me on this greatest of all journeys, the journey to personal fulfillment!

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Kathy Kucsan, Ph.D.

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Boulder, CO 80301

  • (303) 550-9875

I`m honored to assist others in accessing creative self expression through artistic means (music, art, writing, etc.) in individual coaching. My partner Julie and I offer 2 on 2 couples coaching as well as facilitating workshops and retreats through Enhancing the Dance.

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Joni MacCracken, LCSW

One Breath Intuitive Coaching: Breathing Your Unique Creativity Into Life

Are you a woman who would like to make empowered choices, increase self love, reliably know how to access your inner joy, and enhance your relationships? When we join together you will learn skills that allow you to sweep away the debris of limiting beliefs. We will apply body intelligence methods that support you in living in the expression of your innate, unique creativity and genius.

I love cross-pollinating my areas of genius: playing with color, love of learning, creating, sharing and presencing with others. By practicing body intelligence methods  I have broken through many of my own limiting beliefs and have created a coloring book for adults  called “Color Your Essence”.  There are a ton of benefits from coloring: Coloring calms down the amygdala in the brain thereby reducing stress, symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and more. It also affects the brain the same way meditation does. Coloring increases focus, concentration, problem solving and organizational skills, using both hemispheres of the brain.

I welcome you to contact me for a free laser session!

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Lindsey Rainwater

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Denver, Colorado

  • (303) 519-3442
  • @lindseyrainh2o <-Twitter handle

Conscious Lifestyle Coach & Intuitive Business Consultant

Lindsey is a sought after Business Consultant, Leadership Coach, Writer and Presenter.  Lindsey loves to help business owners create environments that cultivate community, resulting in an abundantly sustainable business that also changes lives. Her love of linking technology and consciousness drives the majority of her writing. Lindsey’s intuitive and intentional form of communication facilitates unimaginable shifts in the unconscious mind resulting in powerful written, verbal and presentation skills . As a well-thought-of Business Development and Industry Leader, she is known for building strong, long-term customer and colleague relationships. She flows gracefully within a continually changing environment offering consistent effectiveness while delivering creative results. Her entrepreneurial spirit and drive have created a track record of consistent over-achievements throughout her career.

Lindsey is available for private coaching and consulting, for individuals and organizations.

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Jason Su

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Boulder, CO

  • (281) 928-2608
  • Twitter: @jasonbsu

Performance coaching for serious competitors

Jason enjoyed a successful 15 year career as a professional poker player before transitioning into a career helping people to play to their full potential in fields that require their best in each moment.
To learn more, visit: pokerwithpresence.com

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