Carey Dodson

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Life by Design: Conscious Living Coach + Architect

I am passionate about relationships and transformation! I am a licensed architect and a certified conscious living coach. This unique combination allows me to assist people in consciously transforming their lives in a variety of ways. I harmonize light and space into alignment with the creative potential. (in spaces and in people) I do this through individual and relationship coaching, and through a conscious architectural design process that leads to a home that reflects your authentic self. I am available by phone, skype and/or in person. Contact me if you are ready to have fun consciously designing your life, relationships, and/or your home!

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Camille Evans-Paterson

Scottsdale, Arizona/Bend, Oregon

  • (480)-298-3503

Where are you on a scale from 1 to 10 in your Love Life? If you’re not a 10, I can help you get there!
I’m a “Romance/Dating/Relationship Coach” helping Single women attract great relationships, create trust, establish boundaries in dating, and build lasting love.
I also help Married women/Women-in-relationships transform their love lives using my system of creating deep emotional connections with their husband/partner.
    • Video series 
    • One-to-One Private Video coaching for single women and married women/women-in-a-relationship 
    • Free Mobile App (iPhone and Android) to learn how to turn arguments into deep connections
    • eBook (with worksheets) 
I healed from the pain of divorce, and now I’m teaching women how to create the type of relationships and marriages they never dreamed possible.
I look forward to helping you get beyond the frustration and emptiness of being single or being in a loveless marriage/relationship. 

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Joni MacCracken, LCSW

One Breath Intuitive Coaching: Breathing Your Unique Creativity Into Life

Are you a woman who would like to make empowered choices, increase self love, reliably know how to access your inner joy, and enhance your relationships? When we join together you will learn skills that allow you to sweep away the debris of limiting beliefs. We will apply body intelligence methods that support you in living in the expression of your innate, unique creativity and genius.

I love cross-pollinating my areas of genius: playing with color, love of learning, creating, sharing and presencing with others. By practicing body intelligence methods  I have broken through many of my own limiting beliefs and have created a coloring book for adults  called “Color Your Essence”.  There are a ton of benefits from coloring: Coloring calms down the amygdala in the brain thereby reducing stress, symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and more. It also affects the brain the same way meditation does. Coloring increases focus, concentration, problem solving and organizational skills, using both hemispheres of the brain.

I welcome you to contact me for a free laser session!

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Maureen "Moe" McBride-Russakoff

Austin, TX

  • 804-741-5771 (landline)
  • 814-440-1576 (cell)

As a Big Leap Coach Maureen “Moe” Russakoff is once again participating fully in the vision of the world as a place where we do our best work when we play together, staying open to our own creativity.

Moe studied and completed Improv classes at the Second City Training Center in 1994, subsequently teaching a series of workshops alongside the legendary David Shepard.

The Hendricks Institute ethos of playing your way thru body centered experiences facilitating self discovery dovetails perfectly with Moe’s background and experience.

A serial entrepreneur, Moe founded New Story Games in January of 2014, offering Corporate and Personal Developement training. Moe’s mission as a coach allows for placing loving attention on our cultural conditioning inviting a shift from gender bias to gender balance. Having made her living for many years as a professional singer and humorist, her ease and skill in front of people shines brightest when she writes, speaks and leads in workshop settings.

More information:

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Justin Milano

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Austin, Texas

Executive Coach

Justin is an entrepreneur, executive coach, and the CEO of Abroad. As an executive coach, Justin works with some of the top executives and high-growth founders on a global scale. His coaching balances practical business skills, science, and ancient wisdom to help leaders and organizations unlock their greatest purpose and potential. 

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Terry Morganti-Fisher

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

Austin, TX 78749

  • 512-695-4612

Big Leap Coach, Educator, Entrepreneur

I assist individuals, work teams and organizations discover new ways of living and working to their fullest potential. As a personal coach, organizational transformer and educator, I provide support, tools and guidance as you create your signature life or work experience. I have studied with the Hendricks Institute since 1994. I continue to transform with amazing depth as I author my life. I live a happy life and invite you to do so too.

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Heath Reed

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Dream Big. Befriend Curiosity. Expand Positivity.

Create the life you most want to live with caring support and friendly practices.

As a young man, and following several failed relationships, I realized I needed to love myself first, before I could fully be available to love someone else. Shortly after I committed to loving myself first, I met Nicole. And for the past 20 years, I’ve been continuing to expand my capacity to give and receive love with the same wonderful woman, who is now my wife and business partner (  I feel deeply nourished by the fulfillment and possibilities I’ve created as a result of choosing to love again and again. 

I am often humbled and amazed by how my life has evolved and I am passionate about sharing what’s been most fun and effective for me. I invite you to join me as we co-create an inspiring life of love and positivity. Coaching available by phone, Skype, and in-person.

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Lisa Roll LPC, ADTR

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Samaritan Counseling and Growth Center, 245 SE Madison Blvd. Bartlesville, OK 74006

  • 918-336-1436

Body Centered Counselor

Lisa Roll is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dance/Movement Therapist and Hendricks Institute leader. Lisa has a deep, calm caring presence that inspires transformation and internal experiences of well being. She has 18 years of experience leading body centered explorations of personal growth and creative insight. “I inspire individuals to honor their body feelings and full out capacity for living, loving and learning.”

Lisa facilitates sessions which include:
• Resolving and moving through emotional and physical issues
• Integrating relationship tools for conscious living
• Relaxing and internalizing practical life skills

Lisa schedules individual, workshop and retreat experiences
through The Samaritan Counseling and Growth Center.

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Karen Thompson

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Austin, Texas 78703

  • (512) 391-0426
  • (956) 428-8582

Psychologist and Conscious Living Coach

Greetings! I’m Karen Thompson, Ph.D., a psychologist and Conscious Living Coach in Austin, Texas. I am passionate about holding space for the widespread practice of conscious living and loving on the planet and I love cultivating conscious community wherever I go. My favorite subject is manifestation! I work lovingly with clients to teach the tools and practices for easily manifesting that which is most desired. I weave coaching into my therapy practice and am very satisfied with the rich and rewarding results I co-create with my clients. Call or email me to schedule an appointment! I can be reached at 512 391-0426 or at

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