Lisa Abramson

Nashville, TN, San Francisco Bay Area and Worldwide

Executive Coach and Author of Permission to Fail: The Overachiever’s Guide to Becoming Unstoppable

Hi, I’m Lisa. I help clients let go of self-doubt and build inner resources so they can shine.

Clients often say they feel lighter after our sessions. Whether it’s through an unexpected exercise, a guided meditation or deep inquiry, clients leave sessions with a new and expanded perspective on whatever they are dealing with.

Although we’ll have lots of fun together, I don’t pass over the hard stuff. I know how the manure of our challenges provides fertile soil to help us grow. Together, we’ll create a safe space to help you figure out what you really want, so you can move towards that vision for your life.

I’ll also help you develop the resilient mindset you need to not only survive, but thrive. So you’ll have the ability to keep going even when you’re feeling uncomfortable, stuck, anxious, overwhelmed or stressed which happens on this journey that is life.

Sound like something that could help you? Let’s connect for a free 20 minute strategy session:

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Darlene Bellis

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Los Angeles / Ventura Counties and virtually EVERYWHERE via Zoom

Open Gateways to Healing, Transformation and Aliveness

“Where might I see choice where I’ve never seen it before?” Katie Hendricks

Imagine having immediate and continuous access to a treasure trove of life skills that generates deep connection with yourself and others.

Darlene assists you in becoming powerfully current with your life.  Step into a new level of mindful living animated by conscious choice and deep presence.

Darlene uses her skills as a Certified Big Leap Coach as well as a Certified Guided Imagery Therapist to access internal wisdom which opens gateways to healing, transformation and aliveness.

Clients say that they feel free to discuss anything with Darlene and are inspired by her playful and loving spirit.

Email to schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.


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Corinna Bloom

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • (805) 798-0771

Breakthrough Coaching Intensives

I’ve worked with Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks since 2000, taught their most advanced workshops, and among peers and clients, I’m considered one of the most profound and potent teachers and coaches of the Hendricks work. I currently offer coaching intensives, in which I travel to where you are, move with you in your world, and give you a powerful reflection of who you really are, at your core. I am a master at sustaining attention on your essence, and helping you receive what’s magnificent about you. This happens at such a deep level that your nervous system is profoundly altered, and many old issues drop away without you having to work at it. All of us have dreams for our lives that we haven’t been sure we can live up to or pull off – and some don’t let themselves dream big because of that uncertainty. When clients walk through this doorway with me, they find themselves ready and fully capable – that they are a match for their dreams, and that their visions and next steps come easily.

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Danielle Bordenave

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Carpinteria, CA

  • (773) 623-9527

Conscious Design by Danielle

I combine my passions, of interior design, health, and conscious living, in coaching individuals to create conscious spaces, lives, and bodies. I took my first training with Katie in January 2012 and jumped right in by joining the Leadership and Transformation program a few weeks later. I love coaching individuals, who are excited to take the next step in transforming their lives. I use my gentle power to coach individuals to step into increased aliveness through their actions, spaces, and bodies.

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Patrick Broom

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Engage Your Body Wisdom, Access Your Full Aliveness, and Align with Your True North Star

My coaching is rooted in, derived from, and supportive of the human body’s innate intelligence. You’ll move your body, change your life, and have fun doing it! • We’ll talk about what you’re wanting to create and what’s blocking you… and you’ll drop your stories to focus on your inner world, your felt sense of being moment to moment, and embodying your most essential, effective self. • Through simple, easy to use practices you’ll gain a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your inner world, including your “inner children” and “younger selves” (of which you have many). • You’re going to learn how to feel ongoingly good in your body, with more comfort, strength, balance, and ease. And you’re going to grow your sense of confidence—your ability to trust your heart and your gut—from the things you choose to do rather than heady ideas of how you should be showing up in the world. • I’ll be a guide, companion, and witness, supporting you on your personal-growth journey.

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Diana Chapman

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

San Francisco Bay Area and Worldwide

  • (831) 476-4840

Advisor to Conscious Leaders

I have been a trusted advisor to over 700 organizational leaders worldwide and am the co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group.

My passion is to help organizations create conscious cultures that allow for greater collaboration, innovation, and well being. I also work extensively with YPO/WPO forums and chapters, providing retreat facilitation and forum moderation. Clients say they value my clarity, compassion, ferocity and playfulness.

I’ve summed up much of what I have learned from Gay and Katie in my new book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.

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Matt Chapman

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Santa Cruz, CA

  • (831) 325-3460

Life Coach

I am a master at helping people find their Purpose, Presence and Sexual Intimacy with their partner. I am also an insightful coach who inspires people to lead their lives to the fullest. As a certified relationship coach, I have led individuals and groups to a higher state of knowing both themselves and the people in their lives. My grounded way of being allows people to feel and step into their own power.

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Grace Clayton

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

San Francisco Bay Area and greater US

  • (831) 325-4318

Mentor to Gamechangers

I teach executives to develop radical personal awareness and lead from their deepest truth.

My passion is supporting leaders and their organizations to shift toward living and leading from Presence, inspiring a culture of authentic communication, collaboration, creativity and vitality.

I regularly lead YPO/WPO retreats and forums worldwide and am a facilitator with the Conscious Leadership Group.

Clients say that I create environments of trust where the truth can be spoken, opening the way to clarity. I have also been called fiercely loving, playful and direct.



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Megan Clemens

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Santa Cruz, CA and and Worldwide via Zoom

  • 831-252-4839

Relationship Coach

3 reasons why you would want to work with me:

  1. You are tired of your codependent strategies in relationship. You want to be your true, fully expressed self AND be an opening for your partner to be his/her true fully expressed self.
  2. You want to learn whatever you most need to learn so that you can transform your habitual reactions (trigger) and live a more joyous, harmonious and present life with your partner.
  3. You want to expand to your full potential in giving and receiving love!

Here is a testimonial from a past client: “Our work together has COMPLETELY shifted the dynamics in my relationship. I used to feel triggered often, not heard, misunderstood and pretty shut down. All of it had made a negative effect on my self esteem and even my belief that I could have the kind of loving, connected intimate relationship with my partner. Everything has changed since then. I can now ask for what I need without creating emotional drama. I feel heard and listened to. We are uncovering parts of each other that after 9 years we didn’t know were there! It’s phenomenal! I recommend this to all couples who are looking to support themselves with powerful consciousness tools for deepening their relationship.” In Service to Authentic & Embodied Relationship

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Joni Davis

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Long Beach, California

  • (562) 272-5856

Imaginationships Relationship Counseling

“I just finished a session with Joni and wanted to let you know about what it’s like to be coached by her. I feel so gotten. She has me so excited about all the things I don’t know about myself yet. She taught me so much and yet I feel like I made the discoveries myself. I consider myself very intelligent and didn’t see how any one else could help me change my life. Joni knows how to create change. She’s an expert on relationships and showed me how much power I had to create exactly what I wanted in my relationships. I dreaded going initially and couldn’t wait to go each week after that. There is nobody more surprised by that than me. I just didn’t know how lost I was. Joni has been a precious gift to my life.”
Scott, July 2011

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Michele and Dean

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Ventura County, CA

  • 805-791-5095

Life, Breathing, and Couple-to-Couple Relationship Coaching

In their dynamic coaching, Michele and Dean share practical tools that will awaken who you truly are, inviting you to create harmony and joy in your life and relationships. You’ll learn to shift old patterns that no longer serve and create helpful habits that support your best life.

Couple to Couple Coaching:  Thriving relationships are one of the greatest joys that we can experience. Whether you want to enliven your relationship or want assistance moving through challenges, our couple-to-couple approach will support you in creating conscious connection so that you can create solutions and enjoy the richness that a relationship can bring.

Life, Fitness and Breathing Coaching: Michele will assist you in awakening essence by opening to possibilities and being real. Dean is a dynamic circulator of energy who offers breathing and fitness coaching that will awaken your whole body vitality.

Clients say that Michele and Dean’s authenticity and playful connection inspires them to create positive changes in their lives

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Meg Dennison

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

  • 917-733-6945

Transformational Relationships for Work and Love

I work with inspired leaders to help them create fulfilling and playful lives and workplaces through the tools of conscious leadership. Clients grow their self-awareness, interrupt unconscious patterns and create practices for personal transformation. These new ways of being bring joy and boost trust and resilience for creative thinking and collaboration. My clients know me as grounded and direct and an empathetic listener who challenges them with humor and compassion.

I’m a certified Hendricks’ Big Leap Coach, a graduate of the Hendricks’ Leadership and Transformation program, a certified Conscious Leadership Group coach and am trained in the Enneagram. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and work with individuals and couples virtually and in person.  I also lead live workshops for teams. Big Leap Masterminds for conscious entrepreneurs and Conscious Leadership Circles for deep dives are forming now. More at

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Art Durand

Ojai, CA 93023

  • (805) 798-0781
  • (805) 426-9494

Transformational Photographer

Art Durand is a master at bringing forth the multidimensionality of a person! With the assistance of his camera and his genius provocateur, he explores with you all of your selves that have been waiting to be fully revealed.His love and appreciation ultimately opens the one in front of him into his or her magnificent self to be acknowledged through photos. Clients say the gifts that come from the photo shoot itself are equally as valuable as the beautiful and diverse images they receive. His mission is to use the art of photography and life coaching to awaken the master within.

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Elaine Eddinger

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Long Beach, CA

  • 562-243-7009 (text/phone)

I’m a Catalyst for Curiosity and Beneficial Change

I support people who are ready to create clarity in their lives about what they want — and how to get it. 

I will teach you techniques in body-centered consciousness, which will free up your perception, attention and creative choices so that you may live a fulfilling and self-chosen life. 

I cultivate my own willingness to venture into the unknown in a way that opens up new creative thinking for myself and those around me. I own and share who I am — including the parts I haven’t figured out yet — creating space for others to show up exactly how they are.

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Anastasia Egeli

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Venice, CA

  • 310-494-1110

What I offer is the support to step into your own story. Knowing what your ideal life and being in your ideal life can be tricky without a guide. 

We all have what we need to have everything we desire. I know that is a fact.  Navigating being in that truth can be tricky. We have to commune with our essence and then build a container that supports that resonance with self.

The prize is priceless.

 I have been creating my story since I met Gay and Katie over 15 years ago. I have also been supporting others to access the resources in themselves to begin their own journey.

 We are all meant to live in our flow and enjoy the extraordinary gift of manifestoing what lies in our heart.

 Thank you for visiting my words and I hope you join this community. 

 I truly believe the more of us who are living in deep integrity, the more we all thrive.

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Meghan and Erika

Based in Nevada City, California (virtual coaching available internationally)

  • Text: 831-430-6367

LGBTQ+ Coaching for Lovers and Individuals

We are wives to-be and founders of the “Lesbians In Love” podcast. We offer online courses and relationship coaching for lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, transgender and queer womxn, and non-binary beings, to cultivate the relationship skills needed so that you can create lasting, passionate, love. Let’s explore together who you were before the world told you who you needed to be and discover what you want to create for your future while learning new embodied coaching practices to support you on that journey. 

Book a free consultation if…

  • You want to create a relationship that grows from your desires rather than running on adrenaline and default patterns. 
  • You’d like to live a life that feels more abundant, pleasurable and playful, whether in relationship or solo. 
  • You’re struggling with repeating challenges in communication and connection, and you are ready to discover how much joy you can create. 
  • You are in the midst of big change or big choices, like coming out, deciding to get married, get divorced, make a move or expand your family. 

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Donna Fone

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Sonora, CA (virtual coaching available in California)

  • (209) 883-6344

Somatic Psychotherapist and Life & Relationship Coach

It takes courage to step into the life you imagine and make it a reality. I assist those who want to shift their lives and move through life and life transitions more consciously. With my assistance you increase your awareness of yourself on a deep level, gain clarity on your path, create conscious and loving relationships, and make conscious changes in your life with ease.

I am passionate about sharing ways to tap into the body’s knowing and our being’s natural capacity towards healing and wholeness. From this place, you feel, hear and see yourself clearly and will be able to manifest what was previously unimaginable. Those who work with me let go of unconscious strategies that are causing pain and suffering. Through somatic experiential explorations incorporating mindful awareness, the path to lightness of being is a wondrous journey.
LMFT48079 and LPCC337

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Courtney Giancaterino

San Diego, CA

  • 978-886-9631

I have a passion for working with young women (teens through 20’s), guiding them to find their unique voices, exude self-confidence, and move beyond self-limiting stories into creating wildly joyful and successful lives. As a life coach, my approach is a combination of fun, compassion, intuition, and the use of deeply transformative tools and techniques for making big changes. I have a wealth of coach training and experience; I am a Certified Big Leap Coach through the Hendricks Institute, a Certified Relationship Coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute, a Certified Addictions Recovery Coach through Being True to You Life Coaching, and a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I look forward to being your ally on the journey of personal transformation! 

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Nicola Gordon

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

  • (805) 687-2035

Want more joy? Imagine embracing ease as a way of life and sharing it with those around you. Imagine creating the life you know you deserve, the reason you came here for. Take a deep breath into open space; as you read these line, notice a simple opening. Time to take the leap. Where ever you are, you have the perfect opportunity to open to a whole new level of being, yep, right now.

It is Nicola’s joy to share this journey with you. Nicola started working with the Hendricks in 2000 and uses their tools every day in classes, workshops and in her daily life. She is a life coach, a songwriter and a teacher in Santa Barbara California. Call and lets explore the possibilities further.

Listen to a song written and played by Nicola HERE.

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Audrey Hazekamp

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

Santa Barbara, CA 93105

  • (805) 729-0066

Senior Trainer/Master Coach and Game Changer

Choice points, crossroads and even (what look like) crises are rich opportunities for conscious change. As a Master Game Changer, I provide an integrative approach, and super nourishing space, that supports you in discovering and navigating easeful bridges from where you are to where you most want to be. In our work, you will develop your own mastery, while also being generously and creatively supported. My approach assists you in accessing your own body intelligence, deep wisdom, and passionate clarity. Our collaboration will uproot those pesky limiting beliefs with focused awareness, deep care and humor so they  loosen their grip.  All this creates the space through which fresh possibilities emerge. Together we create sustainable, practical changes that support your evolutionary process, while mastering the skills required to live a fabulous life.

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Audrey Hazekamp

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Currently Available in California, Colorado, Idaho and Portland, with additional locations being scouted.

  • (805) 729-0066

The Radiance Process

The Radiance Process is a graceful, evolutionary pathway to wholeness founded by Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks.  Now facilitated by Hendrick’s Master Coaches,  each provider powerfully carries this work forward using their unique and deeply caring genius.  The Radiance Process is facilitated in warm water by  two masterful coaches offering generous guidance and support, and invites sometimes life-long limiting patterns to resolve through ease.  The purpose of the process is to clear up whatever might be interfering with the full flow of one’s creative expression, nourishing relationships and the deeply felt experience of being welcomed, loved and supported, being all of who you are.

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Gabrielle Hildebrand

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

San Francisco, CA 94121

  • (415) 216-7612

Life Coach

I am life coach living and practicing in San Francisco. I use movement and breathwork to facilitate self awareness, paradigm shifts, and behavioral changes that allow my clients to easefully express their full potential. I specialize in the radiance work that addresses issues around initiating projects and relationships, nurturing ideas and relationships, and connecting joyfully with your successes. I work with couples and with individuals by phone or in person.

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Michelle Hubbard

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Ventura/Oxnard, California

  • (805) 814-6884

Fear Responder Coach

What we feel scared of is actually the sacred within us and that we are within, calling us to be so much greater than we’re used to being that we no longer recognize ourselves… and so we feel scared. It’s time to love yourself just as you are because the planet needs your unique creative expression. If your life is changing and calling you to expand and step up as All you are.. and you feel scared, let’s talk. LIKE my facebook page and PM or comment, or email me at .

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Philip Johncock

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Genius Coach & Author

Philip Johncock ( coaches individuals and facilitates groups in generating health, wealth and success. His popular online and teleconference courses include Genius Course Online (www.GeniusCourse.Net), Conscious Living Booster Course (, Grant Writing Basics and Locating Funders (, and Tantra At Home ( He has authored over 12 books that inspire greatness and cover such vital topics as sex, money, integrity and life. Some of these include The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook, Dream-Making to Billions, Power of Integrity and Book of Life ( He is a Ph.D. candidate in Ethical and Creative Leadership with two masters and two bachelors’ degrees.

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Yelena Joy MD

Transformation Leader, Radiance Process Facilitator

I create a space where energy and medicine meet to catalyze transformation in a way that brings forth rapid growth and empowerment. I have a unique ability to assist you in creating the easiest and most efficient path to your goal. I deliver clear and precise feedback and support your transformation in a welcoming easeful way. Using an integrated Mind-Body-Spirit approach and a variety of body-centered methods, I invite you to step into your full magnificence.

Whether you want to manifest a healthy body, satisfying loving relationship or transform your work life you can expect in depth, playful, loving facilitation, and experience vivid shifts. I evoke exceptionally deep transformation with ease and loving magic.

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Jody Kaylor

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Facilitating Life


Jody’s skills are grounded in decades of experience in international business yet customized for you with intuitive, improvised solutions. Often playful in a way not often seen in former bank VPs, she brings instant wisdom and practical ease to every aspect of your life. Jody invites the revealing of your truest self through transformational coaching, by matching your clothes to your essence, or suggesting inspired life-easing changes. Sometimes the smallest tweaks have the greatest impact, opening the way to experiencing your most joyously engaged life.

“The 4-5 hours I have spent with Jody have had more of an impact on me than anything in my entire life.  What I put into operation has an impact immediately.”   A.Macia, CEO

With her vast knowledge, she excels at assisting you in matching your world to who you are and who you aim to be. Give yourself the gift of Jody’s exquisite attention to address your key life issues and/or get your wardrobe pared down and paired up in exciting new ways.

English or French.15-minute to one-day sessions.

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Kris and Meenal Kelkar

Ventura, CA and Anywhere (via Skype or FaceTime video)

  • 805-388-5091

Sparking Relationship

Are you experiencing electricity in your relationships? Can you say the vulnerable thing that needs to be said in the moment? Do you feel like your relationships are strong enough to withstand anything?

We have been together for 30 years. For the last 10 years we have been on a path of conscious relationship. We coach and teach individuals and couples to create vibrant, alive, electric relationships. If you are curious about what you might learn about yourself and what it takes to spark your relationships with electricity, honesty and intimacy, contact us for a free 1-hour exploratory session where we will help you get in touch with your desires, how you will know when they are met, and what holds you back. We will then make you an offer of how we can best help you get what you want.

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Susan Kistin, MFT

Certified Hendricks Coach and Licensed Therapist

Want your life to be different? Then you will have to do something differently!

I absolutely love assisting people to experiment with new ways of responding to life. So they can make the profound shifts they want. I invite bone deep, personal revolution. For profound kick-ass evolution! Using refreshingly playful, embodied activities that work at the level of the nervous system, so permanent change can happen.

You’ll find me engaged, vibrant and interactive in your sessions. Gently, consistently and with humor, I show you a whole new set of skills for crafting your transformation. I bring my rich experience of twenty-five years as a therapist.

So, do you want to have fun while expanding into the most exquisite positive experience you can have in life?
In a context of friendly curiosity? Ready to enter the vast field of your unique wholeness?
Come for a complimentary, half hour coaching session to see if I’m a match for you.
Available in person, by phone, Skype or FaceTime.

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Vanessa Loder

San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • (650) 575-1951

Do you want to wake up every day feeling excited and energized about your life? I love working with clients who are ready to move fast, willing to go deep and believe in the possibility of positive change. I enjoy supporting people in creating greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives by learning how to take responsibility for their current situation and come up with action steps to create the change they desire. My unique ability is to act as a catalyst to ignite positive change. I have a lot of experience in supporting people in finding their purpose as well as releasing any blocks that are preventing them from achieving their true potential. I’ve changed my own life so dramatically that it has inspired me to share these tools with others so that you, too, can have the life of your dreams.
In addition to corporate workshops and speaking engagements, I currently offer one-on-one coaching (via phone, skype or in person) as well as group programs and retreats, which I find to be the most powerful combination to ignite transformation in a short period of time. To learn more about my programs, visit

Vanessa has been studying the Hendricks work since 2008 and has found it to be one of the most profound tools for change. To schedule a *Free 30 minute strategy session over the phone with Vanessa, send an email to with the subject title “FREE Session – Hendricks Referral”.

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Shay Marie Lyon

I offer my passion and extensive training in presence, awareness, empathy, movement, intuition, and play to support you. I embrace tremendous life transformations as well as essential smaller steps that lead to what’s most aligned with your path. I value the relationship we build to connect to your goals. I am excited to support you and help you unfold and live your genius. I am a lifelong passionate learner and my background includes Hendricks Coaching Certification, Movement Therapy Degree,  Eden Energy Medicine Certification, Waldorf Teaching Masters, NLP and Huna Certification,  an undergraduate degree in Cell Biology, Women’s Spirituality and Multiculturalism training at California Institute of Integral Studies and New College, Earth based spirituality and ceremony training at Center for Sacred Studies, Conscious Uncoupling training, Empath and Intuitive training, and Process work.    

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Jack Massry

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Mexico City, Mexico, and online sessions available to all regions

  • +16193197710 (USA), +525539339945 (Mexico)

My name is Jack Massry, I’m a Hendricks institute certified coach since 2010 and have attended several of their trainings throughout the years.

My space would be defined by being present with you. Uncovering what wants to emerge the most.
With love and generous attention I believe we can allow all of ourselves to thrive.
I like to work in an environment were both of us are open to learning and to different possibilities that may emerge.
I enjoy the Hendricks work to my core. And my work is aligned with my values of joy, love, integrity and expansion.

Please send me an email if you would like a brief call to introduce ourselves and see if we are a good fit.

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Anna McGrath

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

San Francisco, CA 94044

  • Phone: (650) 355-1249
  • Mobile: (415) 699 6319

Chief Authenticity Officer & WonderWorker

Anna has worked in corporations for the past 20 plus years. She launched her own consulting company in 2003 called WonderWorks Consulting. Her vision: to support employees, leaders, boards and organizations in becoming “WonderWorkers” doing the work they are individually and collectively here to do. She and her partner in WonderWorks are passionately mission driven supporting big ideas to become reality.

WonderWorks specializes in Founder, Partner, Oragnizational consulting with a focus on:

  • Leadership Development for WonderWorkers
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Management Consulting

She volunteers her time with the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream initiative a non profit organization who’s mission is changing the dream of the North – from consumerism to creating; an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on the planet as the guiding principle of our time.

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Juna Mustad, SEP

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Over the last 13 years, Juna Mustad has been supporting people to develop emotional intelligence, grow their intuition, create healthy relationships and embrace their full potential. She works with individuals and groups around the world to support them in healing, embodiment and enhancing overall wellbeing. Juna is trained as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a coach, and is also an intuitive. Through her work, she aims to bridge the worlds of spirituality with greater body awareness and emotional intelligence. Check out Juna’s TedxTalk on Mindful Anger. To book a session or learn more, you can view Juna’s website HERE. 

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Janet Parks

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Transform Your Relationship

Since 2007, I’ve helped dozens of women get clear whether to stay or go in their relationship. They uncover their answer and apply their personal power to take action.

Hendricks whole-body methods have been key to my own success. I am certified, also, by the Co-Active Training Institute and CRRGlobal.

You have the courage to seek clarity. You are ready for change, even if you can’t imagine how. You are NOT willing to sacrifice yourSELF.

One client said, Changing a relationship that wasn’t working felt impossible to me. Janet helped by giving me a structure to explore my feelings… push past my self-imposed limits, and make my own decisions…  A weight has lifted, I am happier and I see more of the beauty in everyday life…  I highly recommend Janet to anyone sitting on that fence, ready to make a change in their relationship, but not sure how to manifest it.

Visit to schedule a complimentary Clarity Conversation. I’ll listen deeply and share my reflections. We’ll co-design an action step to move your quest forward.

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Merry Parrish MA, MSS

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Southern California

  • Congruent Heart
  • 323-479-3791

Heart-Centered Life Coach

My coaching invites clients to find their source of joy and freedom by aligning with and honoring their heart’s calling. I create a fun, safe and accepting environment for clients to discover who they are and what they want to accomplish. My clients are encouraged to awaken to and expand into their own creativity, aliveness and well-being. They learn how to use their inner resources and wisdom to live a life that is congruent with their heart.

I offer coaching to individuals, couples and groups and it may include movement, sound and artwork.

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Tim Peek

An Emmy-award winning network news executive, Tim Peek combines his business experience with practices to increase self-awareness, connection and creativity to help organizations and their leaders solve their most important problems.

Tim’s speciality is conscious leadership, supporting clients to build self-awareness and choose new ways to responding to the disruption of daily life in the business world.

With his wife, Hendricks coach Meg Dennison, Tim also coaches couples and individuals who want to improve their long-term relationships.

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Harry Poliak

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Los Angeles/Culver City, Southern California

  • 805-798-3161
  • Skype: hpoliak

My specialty is guiding people in discovering and creating new solutions through invitations to embrace what is current. By combining learning with play, I support them in following through on their actions, and ensure there is a safe space to have fun and collaborate.

My coaching bridges direct experience with easy-to-learn skills that support turning towards greater possibilities. I enjoy, appreciate and love working with people who are willing to develop themselves while creatively playing.

My location is the West-side of Los Angeles, and I coach in person one-on-one, or via skype or telephone.

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Crystal Dawn Rios

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty


Enter a living laboratory where we co-create experiments that cultivate authentic play and personal transformation. By tuning into your you-est you, discover the artistry of feeling feelings! People float out of the lab (my office, skype, or the telephone), after a coaching session looking and feeling like they just received a massage, more comfortable in their own skin, more open to receive and give love, and better able to relax into a thriving life.

I love sharing this body of work because it works. It helps my wife and I navigate the waters of our relationship. And, I appreciate the discovery and growth that has become my evolutionary path. 

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Anne Sagendorph-Moon

Business Coaching, Dress for Your Future, Permanent Prosperity

My intention is that every client know and trust their beauty and genius, their choices and expressions: that they have the Heart of their Message, the Soul of their Style and the Art of their Presentation.

Through Soul Vision, Natural Marketing Style, and Dress for Your Future you will master your message, your style and your presentation. Through business coaching you will master the power of Permanent Prosperity. Welcome!

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Steve Sisgold

Novato/Marin Cty, CA 94945

  • (415) 899 1032
  • (415) 302 5922

“Our sessions with Steve were the watershed turning point of our lives”
~ Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks.

Steve Sisgold is one of the best facilitators of change I know”
~ Kenny Loggins.

“I found my ‘missing link’ in my sessions with Steve”
~ Magot Anand.

Individuals and couples welcome. Certified in BCT and Relationship work Results guaranteed!

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Brett Smith

Southern California Area and Phone/Skype Anywhere

  • (949) 274-9741

Life and Relationship Guide

Brett Smith is a lover of learning and of inspiring expansion in others. He loves to utilize his humor when guiding his clients through emotional and sometimes uncomfortable growth. As a coach, he likes to draw on the most difficult parts of his life and the calm he found in the center of each of them to show people how there is a possibility of beauty and joy in our darkest times. Through working with the Hendricks Institute, Brett has discovered a deeper, and more profound way of living; one in which he loves the parts of himself he used to dislike; one where he enjoys powerful connection with his wife and daughter, and plays at growing and deepening those connections. Brett’s Transformational Magic Power stems from his actually living through those things he coaches people on. The value of working with someone who has truly ‘been there’ cannot be over-emphasized and learning to love where you are and where you have been becomes exponentially easier when you can laugh about it. Brett thrives on working with men and women individually and with couples when in partnership with his wife and co-founder of The Smith Connection, Anney Smith.

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Anney Smith

Advisor to Exceptional Leaders, Group Facilitator, Re-Invention Master

Anney is a master of creativity, intuition, and manifestion. She gently but firmly guides business and entrepreneurial leaders through transitions in life, business and consciousness. She blends her extensive business and life skills with her passion, using strategic and practical tools to help people get their creative projects and businesses out into the world. Anney is highly skilled at helping to bring into light the rich creative essence every individual has within them, and her direct and integrated approach ignites quick transformation. Working with Anney, as reflected by many clients and peers, is “where the rubber meets the road.” As Gay Hendricks says, “If you want to get something done, Anney’s your gal.” She recently co-authored the book Beyond Ego giving her framework on how to be a conscious leader while getting things done. If you are ready to up your game, access your creative genius, and get it out into the world, contact her.

Anney and her husband, Brett, live in Orange County with their daughter and their furry children (pets).

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Robyn Smith

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Trauma and Relationship Coach

Robyn is an LAT Grad, certified Conscious Living and Loving coach and certified NARM practitioner of developmental and complex trauma. She completed the NARM masters level training. She’s also a certified Anusara yoga instructor trained in SkyDancing Tantra and has been teaching yoga for over 26 years. She offers online yoga with Patrick, her husband of 20 years.

Robyn is committed to helping individuals and couples to shift from frustrated to fulfilled in their relationships. She believes that true connection is everyone’s greatest longing and birthright. Yet layers of complex trauma have interfered with their ability to enjoy ease and harmony in their relationships. She helps her clients to unwind what’s in the way of experiencing true connection and satisfaction so they can feel fulfilled and joyful.

Robyn is the founder of Conscious Thriving Relationships, the Rock Your Relationship women’s immersion, an award-winning speaker, and leader of the Healthy Relationships Sisterhood, a free Facebook community of women up-leveling their relationships learning from Robyn’s weekly trainings.


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Julia Snyder, MA, CPT

Love Your Body!

Today, it brings me great joy and delight to be your ally, as we place your wellness into the spotlight!

As your wellness coach,  I will assist you in connecting the dots between who you are now, who you want to be, and to take incremental weekly steps that will enable you to succeed in reaching your goals  in a fulfilling…enjoyable…and perhaps even playful manner.  We’ll befriend your body’s intelligence along the way adding to your insight, effectiveness and ALIVENESS!

Working as a team, we’ll keep your motivation high, as we’ll transform any obstacles you encounter into stepping stones.  We will  “use it all” to your advantage, in support of your upliftment, growth and learning!

Let’s get started!  Call me for your free introductory session.

“ Julia is an incredible listener, with a unique ability to discern what is heartfelt and meaningful.  She has an ear for “ah-ha moments.”  Her compassionate and uplifting spirit brought joy into each of our sessions.  I have already accomplished my first set of goals with her methods….”  Michelle Sain, Realtor

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Bez Stone

Santa Cruz, CA

  • 831-239-8215

Sex for YOUR Body

I am an advocate for women’s sexual fulfillment. My work challenges long-standing misconceptions about women’s bodies and offers a revolutionary sexual framework that inspires and ignites women—and brings everyone more fulfillment.

I am a Stanford-educated writer, certified Sex Coach, and emerging authority in women’s sex and sexuality. I have helped thousands of people reclaim sexual passion and connection.

Please visit my website for more information and to watch my TEDx talk on Feminine Orgasm. You can also follow me on Instagram or find me on Facebook

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Jennie Turton

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Santa Barbara, CA, Available to Coach in All Regions

  • 805-335-8108

Founder of A Sacred Space for Restoring the Feminine Soul is a sacred community offering group coaching, coach training and membership programs especially curated for women and their unique soul journeys and transformation needs. We exist to create a movement of women around the world dedicated to unveiling their most vibrant, feminine selves in order to help bring healing and wholeness to humans, systems, and a planet that desperately needs a fresh approach to the way we do life. We do this by helping Woman remember who she is:

  • She is able to be free, healed, restored of all the systemic pressure and biases that would desire to make her less than.
  • She has every right and privilege to SHINE and to bring all of that power and beauty to a world that desperately needs her to be exactly who she is: WOMAN. 
  • In all her softness, fierceness, and beauty there is something only SHE can contribute to the world. 
  • She is desperately needed. 

We believe that Women remember these things about themselves best when they are in community with other women who are committed to remembering the same.

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Gina M. Velez

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Global, residing in Capitola, CA

  • +1.831.688.0822 or +1.831.325.1711

Inspirational Relationship and Business Coach

You’ll come to me when you want to know how good your life can really get!  As a Certified Relationship and Life expert, I’ve led singles, couples and groups towards living healthier, richer, fuller lives beyond fear. I’ve witnessed life-changing transformations (including my own). I’ve helped hundreds of couples THRIVE! I guide my clients to envision new pathways by integrating the concept of play. I’m also a Scleroderma survivor and an inspirational speaker for the Arthritis Foundation.  As a veteran business owner and engineering consultant I’ve designed and manufactured thousands of electronic products into the global market. If you’re interested in branding new products or tightening any corporate loop holes then let’s talk!I’ve been studying; and applying Hendricks Institutes teachings since 2006 and it has been the most profound tool for change. Enneagram, Gestalt, GTD Method and other proficiencies have increased my reservoir of knowledge. Visions of Success’ agents excellence, tailored towards inherent wholeness and firsthand mastery.  “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined” -Henry David Thoreau

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Vandana Verma

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • (415) 400-9398

I’m here to be a catalyst for you to discover what truly motivates you and to recognize what you want most deeply and to experience the journey there as easy and fun. The needs and wants within you are easily reachable when you get out of your own way and tap into the deep reservoir of essence, creativity and wisdom inside: My coaching creates a roadmap that allows you to be more effective in your life, business and relationships. My method is intuitive, playful yet direct, I listen generously, and offer techniques and practices and that you can use in real life. I coach people and groups to experience themselves as empowered individuals using skills to provide creative, practical & fun solutions to increase emotional and body intelligence. Let’s dream up a plan for your most amazing year ever and put it in to action! I’ve been working with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks since 2006, and am a graduate of the LAT program and a certified conscious living coach. I also hold a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge, UK.

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Nancy Thiel Voogd

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

Santa Cruz, CA

  • 831-325-1437

Everyday Wholeness

Are you feeling stuck in your creative process? Wondering what it is that you want to do?  Curious about how you can bring joy to your everyday life?  Come play with me and we’ll explore, using the exquisite wisdom of your body and my ability to sensitively listen and reflect back to you what I’m seeing in a way that you can hear and feel your power, your beauty, the gifts that you bring to the world that you’re not even really aware of. 

You can also take advantage of Triple Spiral Labyrinth that I use at my home in the Santa Cruz Mountains in tandem with the body wisdom tools I’ve learned from Katie and Gay Hendricks.  In-person coaching with me and the labyrinth is a powerful way to unwind old stories (I’m not good enough, nobody loves me, everybody leaves me), and invent new stories (the sky’s the limit here in terms of inventing new stories) in a profoundly impactful, yet seemingly simple and easy way.

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Jillia Wharton

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • 415-713-1165

Transformational Leadership Coach; Executive Coach

I love building rapport and working with individuals, business leaders and teams who are ready to step into life changing transformation for the most beneficial outcomes. I help my clients access their rich internal resources and expand their realm of possibilities by which they are empowered to emerge, communicate and effortlessly create the lives they most want. Together we explore behaviors, identities and beliefs through deep inquiry, somatic coaching and commitments. Helping to transform people’s lives and business cultures into more clarity, authenticity and alignment is at the heart of my work. I look forward to being your companion and guide on your journey. Jillia is a former executive bringing 24 years of business experience and a passion for personal growth. She is a certified consciousness coach via Hendricks Institute.

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Andy Wolfe

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Austin, TX; San Diego, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA; and Online

  • 512-436-0239

Happiness Brings Success | Mindful Leadership Coaching

A serial entrepreneur turned meditation teacher, I coach emotionally mature leaders who value growth, service, and humility.

The heart of my practice is balancing healthy masculine thinking and strength with feminine feeling and ease.

Sati Leadership Coaching™ combines mindfulness meditation, relational and somatic psychology, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, plant wisdom, and creative play! to help individuals and partners cultivate wellbeing and success.

Beginning to struggle with physical and mental health as a kid, I have been on a fruitful wellness journey for over 25 years. With an abundance of information at your fingertips, I can help you navigate what makes the most sense for you, now, and shift in months what’s taken me decades. I combine strong pattern recognition with a high degree of attunement to others to learn in moments what many never see, and then I connect the dots through storytelling…my approach is authentic, kind, and individualized — I like to think of it as human. Many call our time together “life-changing.”

In a nutshell, I teach leaders how to be happy…and how success follows that.

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Michele Yasuda

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

Ventura County, CA and Online Sessions

  • 805-791-5095

Life Coaching to Awaken Essence

Michele is genius at seeing through to essence and awakening discovery and transformation.

The most powerful step you can take in your life is to commit to being real. The quickest way to find out how REAL you are is to commit to being your true self no matter what.  This integrity move opens the door to revealing all the places where compromise might be hiding in your life. Michele shares practical tools that will awaken who you truly are and invite harmony and joy into your life and relationships.

Michele can assist you with discovering or diving into your genius, healing old hurts, or deepening your relationship with yourself or others. You’ll learn to shift old patterns that no longer serve and create helpful habits that support your best life.

“Michele is a master at respectfully and gently assisting me in surfacing how I was getting in my own way….her coaching has unlocked a way of living for me that has a flow and ease that makes me smile from the inside out.” 

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