Bob & Marlene Neufeld

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Ottawa, ON K1S 1K4

  • (613) 594-9248

Two-on-two Couples Coaching

Imagine your relationship being a place for exciting exploration and opportunities for learning as well as a safe haven and place for deep connection. Imagine learning to play with your partner with whatever is coming up between you. Imagine making friends with your big feelings and learning to express them and be heard.

We are relationship teachers/facilitators and body-centered therapists specializing in two-on-two couples coaching. Our greatest joy is co-creating an amazing relationship with each other and sharing that with others. We are committed to helping couples learn life-changing relationship skills. We bring a sense of wonder, curiosity, and play to any topic and to our sessions with couples.

In our coaching and seminars we draw on our life experience together since 1970. We personally use all the skills we teach, which have transformed our relationship. We have been helping couples create closer, loving relationships since 2003. Together we are highly skilled at facilitating change.

Our joint life purpose is to be a catalyst and beacon of love and healthy happy relationships.