Anney Smith

Advisor to Exceptional Leaders, Group Facilitator, Re-Invention Master

Anney is a master of creativity, intuition, and manifestion. She gently but firmly guides business and entrepreneurial leaders through transitions in life, business and consciousness. She blends her extensive business and life skills with her passion, using strategic and practical tools to help people get their creative projects and businesses out into the world. Anney is highly skilled at helping to bring into light the rich creative essence every individual has within them, and her direct and integrated approach ignites quick transformation. Working with Anney, as reflected by many clients and peers, is “where the rubber meets the road.” As Gay Hendricks says, “If you want to get something done, Anney’s your gal.” She recently co-authored the book Beyond Ego giving her framework on how to be a conscious leader while getting things done. If you are ready to up your game, access your creative genius, and get it out into the world, contact her.

Anney and her husband, Brett, live in Orange County with their daughter and their furry children (pets).