Juna Mustad

San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • (415) 686-1839

Intuitive, Life & Relationship Coach

– Have you been feeling stuck?

– Are you going through a transition and don’t know how to move forward?

– Do you want to gain powerful tools & step forward with clarity? 

– Are you desiring a life fully aligned with your purpose & pure essence?

I am an Intuitive, as well as a Life & Relationship Coach. I use my intuition to laser in on the heart of any issue you bring to our sessions. From there, I offer you tools and steps to resolve and alchemize that which most wants your attention. My intuitive sessions are skillfully woven with the Hendricks Institute’s whole body coaching techniques and somatic experiencing. My unique gift is my ability to make personal growth not only sustainable, but deeply enriching, rewarding and fun.

I have been offering intuitive sessions for over 10 years. What brings me infinite joy is working with people who desire to expand their capacity for greater love and positive energy in all aspects of their lives. I work with individuals as well as couples via phone, Skype or in-person.