Coaching and Mentoring Directory

The Hendricks Institute provides a directory of coaches and mentors that you can draw on for support, encouragement and further information on topics and issues that come up as you learn. Most coaches have experience in remote platforms such as Zoom, so you are not limited by coaches in your area. 

Our coaches are educational guides, and their services are not intended as and do not represent medical advice or therapy. Each coach trained by us is an independent practitioner and is not employed by or contracted to the Hendricks Institute. We encourage all our coaches to be in compliance with local regulations.

latg_logo: This designates graduates of our two-year Leadership and Transformation program. Graduates have successfully immersed themselves in our seminars and learned a curriculum of our basic principles. Additionally, they’ve gained skill at giving and receiving feedback, deep presencing and generous listening, body intelligence strategies, mastery of the fundamental transformational processes, and deep curiosity about empowering exploration in collaboration.

coaching referral map

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