Dave Blackman

Fort Collins, Colorado

  • (970) 691-3343

Clarity Coach

Dave assists those who are committed to living as who they truly are to:
• Find out what they’d like to create in their life
• Move through sticky life challenges
• Relax the body more deeply
• Expand and give Presence
• Live loving God

Dave co-creates clarity and healing with others in a way that is experiential, alive and unique with each individual and session. He utilizes his varied experience in conscious relating, awareness coaching, emotional clearing, parenting, energetic healing and experiential ontology – the science of Being – to stay grounded, connected and open to possibilities……… Find out what happens when you allow the truth of your own experience to unfold in an atmosphere of safety and respect for your Sacredness.

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BJ Brown, MSW

Boulder, CO 80303

  • (303) 808-4006

Through intuitive, active guidance, BJ Brown facilitates the innovative discovery of your authenticity as the source of well being. BJ’s commitment brings sensitivity, humor and well timed reflection to your sessions. She offers her grounding presence to phone and on line coaching, individual and couples counseling and creative playshops.
Please go to BJ’s website to order her book – THE SIX GATES OF COMPLETION~A COMPANION IN LIFE’S TRANSITIONS.

“BJ walks into a room and the space expands. Possibilities flow from her eyes and heart as she connects deeply with what is and what might be. Lurking behind the twinkle is a powerhouse of support, fun, presence, and transcendent love, ready to play and explore.”
~ Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph. D.
The Hendricks Institute

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Sarah Carr

Denver, CO

  • (720) 375-0192

“Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where you are more concerned about what you have to offer than what you have to hide.”

Since 1990, Sarah has been coaching and facilitating in the areas of presentation skills, leadership development, sales success and life transitions. Sarah focuses on an inside out approach to effectiveness. Tap into your magnificence and apply that to the skills required. Results are achieved through revealing who you are and life is deeply satisfying.
Via coaching, group facilitation and keynote speaking Sarah brings presence, experience, integrity, humor, candor, and commitment to the service of leaders and individuals. She is an invitation to express your full self.
Sarah’s clients are open, successful, willing to discover new possibilities and are ready to move from hiding to being themselves and playing full out in their lives.
Sarah’s gifts have been cultivated through 20 years of leadership development experience in fortune 500 companies, and 20 years of personal growth education; including graduating from the Hendrick’s Leadership and Transformation program.

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Sunny Casswell

Lakewood, CO 80227

  • (720) 962-4647

Conscious Relationship and Body-Mind Vibrance Coach

Does your soul long for free expression? Imagine embracing life with a loving, “welcome home” experience of yourself. I delight in supporting people to embody full, conscious connection with who they really are; to master their ability to be fully present with what is happening in the moment; to know 100% responsibility as a dependable, friendly open door to freedom; and to live full-out, free expression of their authentic selves. I love being me. I want for you the wondrous richness of loving being you. I bring my presence to each session or presentation to support the client to release the idea of self as an improvement project and to make dependable shifts with ease and flow. Why strive or merely survive? I have a deep knowing that you are born to THRIVE! Private Presence Sessions for Individuals, Couples, and Families; This is the Mask I Wear Playshop; Custom Playshops and Trainings

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Julie Colwell, Ph.D.

Boulder, CO 80301

  • (303) 449-5417


The coaching I do, the retreats, classes, and workshops that I teach support people in finding their true power and using their new skills to be more authentic, live in higher levels of integrity, and have more fun in their lives. All of this matches up with my life purpose, which is to support the world in shifting from a “power over/power under” hierarchical paradigm to a “power with” paradigm. In this new world, it is to everyone’s advantage for each of us to express our innate gifts and to be our biggest, most amazing selves.
I love the transformative power of relationships—with self, with intimate others, even with the weather! My book, The Relationship Ride: A Usable, Unusual, Transformative Guide (published in 4/11 by Integrity Arts Press) is a companion manual for the wild ride of relationships. I’m also the co-author (with my partner of 23 years) of a terrific primer and workbook, Choosing Love: Pathways to Conscious Relationship. Please go to my website, www.JuliaColwell.com, to find out much more about what I do, who I am, and how to connect with what I’m up to.

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Dee Cooper, D.Min., LCMFT (Fellow), Adventures for the Wild at Heart, Founder

Master Explorer, Creator of Play, Essence See-er

I am known for both my big energy and my big heart.
I bring a love of play to all I do, and travel alongside my clients as they dive deep and soar high. Drawing upon decades of therapeutic and coaching experiences and lifetimes of broad spiritual wisdom, I explore with others as they encounter the wild love within both animals and themselves. I am an empath, an animal communicator, an irreverent reverend. I have an unflappable loving presence and capacity for holding vast space. I delight exploring with others through all life transitions from birth through death, and all the delightful in betweens.

I offer private coaching sessions, workshops, and lead individuals and groups on animal encounters throughout the world.

Adventures for the Wild at Heart is my heart’s dream.
I believe that by inviting deep connections with animals into our experience, we transform and expand our capacity for compassion. This work has far reaching consequences for all of us. By continuing to open our own hearts, welcome learning in all forms, we begin to change the world.

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Lynn Cornelius

Greeley, Colorado

  • (970) 481-5698

Are you a closet creative? A wanna-be artist? Do you want to enjoy your creativity in a way that enlivens you and inspires others? Are you willing to experience the rocket-fuel creative expression will bring to all aspects of your life: your career, your relationships, your everyday experience of aliveness?
Having taught art at the college level for over ten years, I offer a unique understanding and insight into the challenges—and joys—of living a creative life. I have taught hundreds of artists and those wanting to experience a juicier life open up to their creative power and overcome blocks with ease.

As a certified Hendrick’s Institute Conscious Living and Loving Coach and an internationally exhibited artist, I blend my wide-open curiosity, razor-sharp insight, and playful exuberance to facilitate transforming your relationship with creativity. Combining practical tools with experiential whole-body play, we collaborate fresh ways for you to get unstuck and redirect your energy into creating a life that feeds your soul.

Phone, Skype, and in-person sessions available.

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Anna Downing

Boise, Idaho

  • (303) 912-7138

Life Coach

Anna possesses a quiet strength that supports you in reclaiming the perfection of who you really are and in accessing your deep inner wisdom. Exploration with Anna is easy, like sharing tea with a good friend.  Favorite topics:  communications, intuition, relationship, well being, creativity.  Anna is available in person or over the phone for individual coaching and for facilitating skills classes with individuals, couples, small groups or businesses.

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Mari Heart

Boulder, Colorado

  • (303) 588-8505

I specialize in the development of bodymind vibrance. I support individuals who have a desire to bring their natural happiness to the fore, especially those who have a commitment to create the life of their dreams. In addition, I am a career educator and have well developed skills for working with children through a variety of modalities. I am a training leader and facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. I am dedicated to evolution at personal, family, community, national and global levels and to transforming the world one heart at a time. I invite you to join me on this greatest of all journeys, the journey to personal fulfillment!

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Bryan Holland

Boulder, CO - 80301

  • (303) 588-2200

Life Coach- Performers Coach - CEO Coach

Through breath and awareness I guide you to authentic, blame-free aliveness. With a body-centered approach, perfect for performers, you will learn easy techniques to move from stuck to alive. Helping actors step out of being a victim to their casting directors- assisting musicians to release the stage fright as just another energy in the body and powerfully access your essense. I also coach people in all walks of life to step up and take control of their lives.

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Dan Howard

Cottonwood, Utah - 84171

  • (801) 947-0258

Rest Coach

Dan Howard has been facilitating groups, teaching workshops and coaching individuals about the body’s energy, conscious relationships and business success for over ten years. Dan is passionate about assisting individuals in creating restful interactions in both the workplace and personal relationships. Utilizing the power of rest, presence and commitment, his radical approach lays a foundation for greater co-creativity, playfulness and productivity. Experience a new level of aliveness in your life that goes beyond the adrenaline rush of stressful living. Dan Howard is the founder of Intentional Resting and is currently creating The Resting Foundation – a non-profit organization committed to promoting the benefits of Intentional Resting for the global community. He is involved in ongoing training with Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks at The Hendricks Institute and working with Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson of worthethic.com in Alpha Coaching.

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Angellee Koerner

Corvallis, Montana

  • (406) 360-0137

AngelLee enjoys working with people who are committed to creating positive changes in their lives and is excited to support them in creating breakthrough experiences that take them past their old ineffective paradigms and into a new radiant version of themselves.
Her playful interaction and her ability to maintain presence with others invites them to easily open up and share. She helps them identify where they are and envision where they want to be.
She partners with others to find strength in the power of their own wholeness and assist them in creating the most fulfilling relationships and the most amazing life possible by identifying and harnessing their unrealized potentials.
AngelLee draws on her experience in a marriage of twelve years and in parenting her four amazing children along with educating, oversight and management in the health and wellness industry. In addition to being a certified conscious living and loving coach she has years of experience with individual and group facilitating.

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Kyle Koerner

Corvallis, Montana

  • (406) 381-9140

Kyle is passionate in assisting people who are ready to move through patterns and perceptions that are not serving them anymore and into creating real positive change in their lives and businesses.
He has an entertaining way of presenting concepts and principles in simple, understandable formats and specializes in helping people discover the power of being authentic and showing up for every moment of life.
His joy in helping others and his skills as an intuitive facilitator, combined with his keen sense of humor and his kind, playful nature, invites clients to consider new perspectives and explore broader, deeper meanings to any experience and to identify where energy is leaking out of their lives.
Kyle has gained experience with 20 years in his own business and as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies as well as personal and group coaching. He respects his clients and their experiences and his approach supports them in discovering and developing the unrealized potentials within themselves and all of their relationships.

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Kathy Kucsan, Ph.D.

Boulder, CO 80301

  • (303) 550-9875

I`m honored to assist others in accessing creative self expression through artistic means (music, art, writing, etc.) in individual coaching. My partner Julie and I offer 2 on 2 couples coaching as well as facilitating workshops and retreats through Enhancing the Dance.

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Joni MacCracken, LCSW

One Breath Intuitive Coaching: Breathing Your Unique Creativity Into Life

Are you a woman who would like to make empowered choices, increase self love, reliably know how to access your inner joy, and enhance your relationships? When we join together you will learn skills that allow you to sweep away the debris of limiting beliefs. We will apply body intelligence methods that support you in living in the expression of your innate, unique creativity and genius.

I love cross-pollinating my areas of genius: playing with color, love of learning, creating, sharing and presencing with others. By practicing body intelligence methods  I have broken through many of my own limiting beliefs and have created a coloring book for adults  called “Color Your Essence”.  There are a ton of benefits from coloring: Coloring calms down the amygdala in the brain thereby reducing stress, symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and more. It also affects the brain the same way meditation does. Coloring increases focus, concentration, problem solving and organizational skills, using both hemispheres of the brain.

I welcome you to contact me for a free laser session!

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Kirsty McLaren

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 801-230-1343

Kirsty McLaren, MSW, CSW, has been involved with life coaching and therapy as a learner, a client, and a therapist/coach.
After graduating from Westminster College with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology, she studied the self-help section of Barnes and Noble in pursuit of understanding human behavior, received her Master’s degree in clinical social work, and achieved her life coaching certification through the Hendricks Institute in 2012.
Kirsty is a lifelong learner. She always has a new book she’s reading, and you’ll find her polishing her skills through working with leading coaches and educators. In fact, Kirsty graduated in 2013 from a yearlong coaching program with The Rise Leadership Group in Utah; and acquired her Level 1 clinical training with The Gottman Institute, and coach training with SoulSalt Academy (Salt Lake City, UT) in 2014.

Kirsty currently works at Next Level Recovery, a comprehensive addiction treatment center, as the assistant clinical director and therapist for their Outpatient Program. During her schooling, Kirsty worked in professional counseling centers, emphasizing mental health in individual therapy, family/couples therapy, and addiction. Her current focus is to continue her training in relationship therapy with the Gottman Institute, and is pursuing a certificate in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR Therapy).

When she’s not coaching (or being coached), Kirsty feels her feelings, eats creamy peanut butter, and reads books about feelings.

You can find her in Salt Lake City with her life partner, Chase, and their three dogs.

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Miriam Meima

South Maui, Hawaii

  • (303) 859-5628

Blending life coaching and business coaching Miriam offers comprehensive support for creating your ideal life. Drawing from her education, experience, and intuition Miriam will guide you through identifying what stands between you and your dreams. Uncovering limiting beliefs, recognizing your unique brilliance, and learning new tools may be part of your process in unlocking your potential.
Are you ready to re-invent your career in alignment with your passions? Are you ready to experience an unimaginable, positive shift in your life?

Miriam has extensive experience working with a number of demographics including: entrepreneurs, executives, professionals in addiction recovery, and women in business. Miriam offers coaching services, genius discovery sessions, and business intensives.

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Lindsey Rainwater

Denver, Colorado

  • (303) 519-3442
  • @lindseyrainh2o <-Twitter handle

Conscious Lifestyle Coach & Intuitive Business Consultant

Lindsey is a sought after Business Consultant, Leadership Coach, Writer and Presenter.  Lindsey loves to help business owners create environments that cultivate community, resulting in an abundantly sustainable business that also changes lives. Her love of linking technology and consciousness drives the majority of her writing. Lindsey’s intuitive and intentional form of communication facilitates unimaginable shifts in the unconscious mind resulting in powerful written, verbal and presentation skills . As a well-thought-of Business Development and Industry Leader, she is known for building strong, long-term customer and colleague relationships. She flows gracefully within a continually changing environment offering consistent effectiveness while delivering creative results. Her entrepreneurial spirit and drive have created a track record of consistent over-achievements throughout her career.

Lindsey is available for private coaching and consulting, for individuals and organizations.

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Jolene Shields

Salt Lake City , Utah 84093

  • (801) 942-6175
  • (801) 680-3747


I found the Hendricks work many years ago when I realized that I had spent the first half of my life in unconsciousness. Once I truly felt my life I took the leap and never looked back. As a Certified Hypnotherapist with 18 years experience, I have advanced certifications in Medical Hypnosis and HypnoBirthing®. It has been a wonderful journey facilitating hundreds of people to improve their lives with hypnosis techniques for Pain Management, Calm and Relaxed Births, Weight Management, Surgery Preparation/Healing, and Stress Reduction. Currently offering HypnoBirthing® classes in the Santa Barbara area.

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Mauricio Shoup

Boulder, Colorado

Mauricio is amazing. As a Hendricks Certified Relationship and Bodymind Vibrance Coach, he is committed to excellence both in his professional and personal life. Described as sensitive, powerful, understanding, playful and brilliant, his crisp approach to transformation creates a safe space for inner harmony to occur naturally. He is the co-founder of a good life! — an educational company committed to sharing the essential skills required for a happy, fulfilling life. He currently lives in Boulder, Colorado. To contact for additional information please email Mauricio.

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Megan Sillito

Salt Lake City, Utah - 84105

  • (801) 859-2263

Speaker/Trainer/Genius Coach

Megan Sillito is recognized globally as a life coach, author, trainer, innovator, entrepreneur, and speaker. Her ongoing work centers around the discovery and expression of genius, providing people with tools and technologies to live with purpose. Megan is the President of Lifeworks Strategies, a company dedicated to activating and actualizing the potential of the planet. Personal Note: I love taking people beyond what they think is possible. Whether I’m engaging an individual, audience or business, people are surprised by how much more is available to them. I co-create expanding experiences, which organically produces increased aliveness and performance.

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Marinna Siri

Salt LAke City, Utah

  • (801) 608-0016

Intuitive Mentor

With a firm foundation of Integrity and unconditional love, Marinna specializes in facilitating others to connect deeply with their intuitive abilities generating a life filled with juicy and profound awareness that assists in major life transformation. Use innate natural intuitive abilities to receive guidance and support with any area of life. Rely on the information that is always within you, ready to bless your life if you are willing to ask and listen. Open up to the dynamic you that is already present and waiting for you to align, receive and enjoy life fully!
Private/ Group/ Phone Sessions Available

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Jason Su

Boulder, CO

  • (281) 928-2608

Genius Cook, Enthusiastic Writer, and Conscious Living Coach

What I’m up to: Discovering and playing with the things that keep my mind and body feeling great all the time, and helping you to do the same.
I infuse my passion for food, writing, and cooking into my work, and particularly enjoy the process of exploring the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Having gone through the process of gaining and losing eighty pounds in my life, I feel a special calling to assist those who wish to reclaim their bodies, and create new relationships with food and themselves.

While food, cooking, and health are my favorite things to talk about, I’ve realized that everything is connected to everything, and take great joy in being able to facilitate any kind of discovery process, so long as you are ready and willing to learn what you most need to learn.

I like when things are easy. Whether it’s finding that ease with food, cooking, and lifestyle choices, or discovering and bringing forth your true genius into the world, I’m excited to hold the space for you to design the life of your choosing.

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