Shems Heartwell

Life & Relationship Guide


I guide people into a life of greater Awareness, Vitality and Fulfillment. My clients learn the essential skills that sustain high levels of Energy and Thriving Relationships while unwinding the patterns and conditioning that interrupts the blossoming of your full potential.

For many years I have been learning from highly developed beings across the globe; from mind-body doctors, somatic therapists, spiritual teachers, qi gong masters, shamans, and successful coaches. I have found what works in my life and with the countless clients I serve, combining the best of what I know to offer you a very unique and highly effective coaching experience.

Whether your want to reach your highest goals or create more harmony in your relationship, I can support you in profound ways. Go to my webpage to set up a free initial session or learn about upcoming workshops and private retreats.

I am also a Licensed Acupuncturist and author of the book EMPOWERED LOVING.