Robyn Smith

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Self Esteem and Relationship Coach

  • For those who lack confidence, are unable to realize their dreams, or feel unworthy
  • For those who feel stuck in relationship patterns – at work or at home
  • For those wanting to live a life they love

Sessions with me are full of discovery, play, and movement.  As a yoga instructor and meditation practitioner for over 20 years, consciousness, movement, and body-wisdom are my passions.  In a welcoming and loving atmosphere, I support you in becoming the person you want to be.  I help you to unearth and unlock the habits that keep you stuck and teach you tools to shift into new patterns of creativity, joy and aliveness. You’ll gain increased clarity about your vision and create simple action steps towards manifesting your goals.

“I am convinced that in just one meeting with Robyn, I gained more insight than I would have from years of therapy!  Her gentle, clear guidance helped me see issues I’ve been struggling with for years through a completely new lens. Earth-shattering approach.”

– Nicole, mother and business owner