Julie Colwell, Ph.D.

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Boulder, CO 80301

  • (303) 449-5417


The coaching I do, the retreats, classes, and workshops that I teach support people in finding their true power and using their new skills to be more authentic, live in higher levels of integrity, and have more fun in their lives. All of this matches up with my life purpose, which is to support the world in shifting from a “power over/power under” hierarchical paradigm to a “power with” paradigm. In this new world, it is to everyone’s advantage for each of us to express our innate gifts and to be our biggest, most amazing selves.
I love the transformative power of relationships—with self, with intimate others, even with the weather! My book, The Relationship Ride: A Usable, Unusual, Transformative Guide (published in 4/11 by Integrity Arts Press) is a companion manual for the wild ride of relationships. I’m also the co-author (with my partner of 23 years) of a terrific primer and workbook, Choosing Love: Pathways to Conscious Relationship. Please go to my website, www.JuliaColwell.com, to find out much more about what I do, who I am, and how to connect with what I’m up to.