Vandana Verma

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • (415) 400-9398

I’m here to be a catalyst for you to discover what truly motivates you and to recognize what you want most deeply and to experience the journey there as easy and fun. The needs and wants within you are easily reachable when you get out of your own way and tap into the deep reservoir of essence, creativity and wisdom inside: My coaching creates a roadmap that allows you to be more effective in your life, business and relationships. My method is intuitive, playful yet direct, I listen generously, and offer techniques and practices and that you can use in real life. I coach people and groups to experience themselves as empowered individuals using skills to provide creative, practical & fun solutions to increase emotional and body intelligence. Let’s dream up a plan for your most amazing year ever and put it in to action! I’ve been working with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks since 2006, and am a graduate of the LAT program and a certified conscious living coach. I also hold a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge, UK.