Sibylle Meder

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Resourceful Creative Genius & Filmmaking Playground

I offer coaching to people in the film industry, theatre, music and show business, literature and fine arts, people with a big heart and big ideals who wish to work in integrity and enjoy playfulness and enthusiasm. In supportive work environments, you want to team up successfully for projects that inspire, thrive financially, and change the world to a kinder, more connected and loving place.

In my coaching, I combine the wisdom of Gay and Katie Hendricks’ tools of Body Intelligence and Conscious Relationships with somatic financial guidance and ethical marketing that feels good, adding my own intuitive spark to the mix.

You will learn how to communicate from your essence, make and keep joyful agreements, listen to create connection and collaboration, and access your body’s wisdom to support you living and working in the full integrity of your creative genius.

Coaching for people with a creative dream longing for resourcefulness.

(In English, auf Deutsch και στα Ελληνικά – online and in person.)