Robyn Smith

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Trauma and Relationship Coach

Robyn is an LAT Grad, certified Conscious Living and Loving coach and certified NARM practitioner of developmental and complex trauma. She completed the NARM masters level training. She’s also a certified Anusara yoga instructor trained in SkyDancing Tantra and has been teaching yoga for over 26 years. She offers online yoga with Patrick, her husband of 20 years.

Robyn is committed to helping individuals and couples to shift from frustrated to fulfilled in their relationships. She believes that true connection is everyone’s greatest longing and birthright. Yet layers of complex trauma have interfered with their ability to enjoy ease and harmony in their relationships. She helps her clients to unwind what’s in the way of experiencing true connection and satisfaction so they can feel fulfilled and joyful.

Robyn is the founder of Conscious Thriving Relationships, the Rock Your Relationship women’s immersion, an award-winning speaker, and leader of the Healthy Relationships Sisterhood, a free Facebook community of women up-leveling their relationships learning from Robyn’s weekly trainings.