Patrick Broom

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Engage Your Body Wisdom, Access Your Full Aliveness, and Align with Your True North Star

My coaching is rooted in, derived from, and supportive of the human body’s innate intelligence. You’ll move your body, change your life, and have fun doing it! • We’ll talk about what you’re wanting to create and what’s blocking you… and you’ll drop your stories to focus on your inner world, your felt sense of being moment to moment, and embodying your most essential, effective self. • Through simple, easy to use practices you’ll gain a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your inner world, including your “inner children” and “younger selves” (of which you have many). • You’re going to learn how to feel ongoingly good in your body, with more comfort, strength, balance, and ease. And you’re going to grow your sense of confidence—your ability to trust your heart and your gut—from the things you choose to do rather than heady ideas of how you should be showing up in the world. • I’ll be a guide, companion, and witness, supporting you on your personal-growth journey.