Noé Khalfa

Are you ready to begin living the life you’ve always wanted?

I experience myself at my most exciting level. I’m actively creating the life of my dreams in work, love, wealth and creativity. I ask the biggest questions that can transform your life today.
I share powerful breathwork techniques, manifestation practices and emotional intelligence skills. These are essential whether you want to create a conscious love relationship, a passionate work life, increase your wealth or unleash your full creativity.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach trained at the Hendricks Institute for Conscious Living and Loving and am a member of the Hendricks Leadership and Transformation team. In addition, as an RYT-200 I teach vinyasa yoga all around Seattle, coordinate Shambhala meditation programs and host ecstatic dance events.

If you are willing to experience yourself at your highest energy level and are ready to create the life you most want, then we are a good fit.

I’m available in person, over skype and over the phone.