Nickie Golden

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Wilmington, NC

  • (808) 389-6715

I met Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks in 2006 and immediately began integrating their teaching into my work with clients and watched people’s lives change. The skills I teach invite individuals to own and embrace the wholeness that is already within them. In doing so we allow the layers of whatever is obstructing wholeness to dissolve away revealing essence. I love to be with people in a way that provides a “felt sense” of what it means to be present. As we have the experience of presence while we are moving through what ever we are feeling, we can begin to call forth that presence from within ourselves. I love playing, laughing and having fun while learning. In my work with clients we ride the waves of whatever is emerging in a playful loving manner to call forth essence and to step in to responding to life consciously. I am available in person, skype or phone.