Morgan Sontag, MS

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Break Free to your extraordinary life!

Whether you are single or partnered your primary relationship is with yourself and impacting every area of your life.  If you keep trying various fixes but nothing is changing or working, whoa, that is painful! And even though your pain is real and problematic, focusing there reinforces it in your body/your brain/your chemistry. You know this because every time you start thinking about that old issue, you feel bad! I approach your problems from a perspective which does not reinforce the pain, but rather teaches you actionable skills to move out of harmful mind-sets and behaviors, so you begin to feel good, sooner rather than later! What I offer is a collaborative, accelerated, and fun combo of techniques for breaking you free of the habits, limiting beliefs, and old programming which prevent you from having what you truly desire. Couples, singles, teens and elders are welcome. Available by phone, virtually or in-person.