Michele Yasuda

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

Ventura County, CA and Online Sessions

  • 805-791-5095

Life Coaching to Awaken Essence

Michele is genius at seeing through to essence and awakening discovery and transformation.

The most powerful step you can take in your life is to commit to being real. The quickest way to find out how REAL you are is to commit to being your true self no matter what.  This integrity move opens the door to revealing all the places where compromise might be hiding in your life. Michele shares practical tools that will awaken who you truly are and invite harmony and joy into your life and relationships.

Michele can assist you with discovering or diving into your genius, healing old hurts, or deepening your relationship with yourself or others. You’ll learn to shift old patterns that no longer serve and create helpful habits that support your best life.

“Michele is a master at respectfully and gently assisting me in surfacing how I was getting in my own way….her coaching has unlocked a way of living for me that has a flow and ease that makes me smile from the inside out.”