Michael Deloughery

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

The Listening Coach

-I am a catalyst for change and flow.

-I am the easiest person ever to talk with.

-I support you in reliably living new commitments.

-I’m also an experienced coach for Dads.


Here is what clients say about me:

“He is a master at knowing what is going on underneath the surface for people and then facilitating them to create lasting results in their life”

“he seems to have a knack for pointing me in just the right direction so that I discover for myself the answers I’ve had a hard time finding on my own.”

“a haven in the river of frenzy. Calm, flowing, wide, strong, and spacious; a welcoming that flows from every aspect of you”

“I feel that I can be completely myself and be seen and included in an easy way.”