Liz Withana

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

London, United Kingdom

  • +44(0) 7984 997 532

Integrity Coach | Creative Guide | Music Industry Maven

About Me: Welcome to the journey of self-discovery and creative expression! I’m Liz Withana, a catalyst for personal growth with a passion for nurturing authenticity and wholeness. I empower individuals to blossom into their fullest expression of self.

Coaching Philosophy: As an integrity coach, I believe in the power of exploration and curiosity to ignite profound shifts within. I am here to accompany you in your journey of personal expansion, expression, and understanding.

Expertise: With a background as an artist and seasoned professional in the music industry, I bring a unique understanding of the creative journey. Having dedicated my life to both play and work within this dynamic realm, I offer invaluable insights to those navigating its depths. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a seasoned musician, I’m here to support you.

Life’s Symphony: My passion for music fuels my creative spirit, infusing every aspect of my work and play. Whether I’m crafting transformative experiences or creating soul-stirring melodies, I’m committed to fostering beauty and inspiration in all that I do.