Leslie Chertok

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness CoachRestoring Resourcefulness Faculty

My work is about weaving body-centered mindfulness, appreciation, connection and play into the fabric of daily life. I am interested in playful collaboration on the deepest levels in service of bringing forth essence to full manifestation in day-to-day living. My clients report discovering the ease and joy in connecting to their inner world, transforming the impacts of stress in body and relationship, and unleashing themselves to play full out at work and home. Imagine the fulfillment of your creative potential in the driver seat of your life!

I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and workplace teams. Many of my clients are people who work with and/or manage people: coaches, therapists, educators, large scale change leaders, community leaders and the like. Our work influences how you show up for yourself AND others. This is My life’s work. What’s yours?