Laura Karasek

Cincinnati, Ohio - I do virtual coaching anywhere.

  • 937-655-3022

Specializing in the rediscovery of your essence (magnificence)!

I believe each of us comes in with our own unique gifts. I am passionate about supporting my clients in the peeling away of the layers of abandonment, pain, fear and “I should” that many times bury our wants, needs, gifts and magnificence.  This applies whether you are moving into retirement, a successful CEO, building stronger relationships, or just starting out, and every place in between.

I am excellent at creating a safe place for a client to share their deepest fears and desires, helping clients clarify their business and personal choices to set proper boundaries to achieve their desired life balance and personal and work magnificence.  As a Big Leap Coach I utilize the work of Gay and Katie Hendricks to assist you in creating full integration of your body with your mind. Using this to remove blocks to success in all areas of your life, as quickly and painlessly and permanently as possible.