Julia Snyder, MA, CPT

Love Your Body!

Today, it brings me great joy and delight to be your ally, as we place your wellness into the spotlight!

As your wellness coach,  I will assist you in connecting the dots between who you are now, who you want to be, and to take incremental weekly steps that will enable you to succeed in reaching your goals  in a fulfilling…enjoyable…and perhaps even playful manner.  We’ll befriend your body’s intelligence along the way adding to your insight, effectiveness and ALIVENESS!

Working as a team, we’ll keep your motivation high, as we’ll transform any obstacles you encounter into stepping stones.  We will  “use it all” to your advantage, in support of your upliftment, growth and learning!

Let’s get started!  Call me for your free introductory session.

“ Julia is an incredible listener, with a unique ability to discern what is heartfelt and meaningful.  She has an ear for “ah-ha moments.”  Her compassionate and uplifting spirit brought joy into each of our sessions.  I have already accomplished my first set of goals with her methods….”  Michelle Sain, Realtor