Joni Davis

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Long Beach, California

  • (562) 272-5856

Imaginationships Relationship Counseling

“I just finished a session with Joni and wanted to let you know about what it’s like to be coached by her. I feel so gotten. She has me so excited about all the things I don’t know about myself yet. She taught me so much and yet I feel like I made the discoveries myself. I consider myself very intelligent and didn’t see how any one else could help me change my life. Joni knows how to create change. She’s an expert on relationships and showed me how much power I had to create exactly what I wanted in my relationships. I dreaded going initially and couldn’t wait to go each week after that. There is nobody more surprised by that than me. I just didn’t know how lost I was. Joni has been a precious gift to my life.”
Scott, July 2011