Jody Kaylor

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

San Francisco Bay Area

  • (512) 809-8929

Facilitating Life


Jody’s skills are grounded in decades of experience in international business yet customized for you with intuitive, improvised solutions. Often playful in a way not often seen in former bank VPs, she brings instant wisdom and practical ease to every aspect of your life. Jody invites the revealing of your truest self through transformational coaching, by matching your clothes to your essence, or suggesting inspired life-easing changes. Sometimes the smallest tweaks have the greatest impact, opening the way to experiencing your most joyously engaged life.

“The 4-5 hours I have spent with Jody have had more of an impact on me than anything in my entire life.  What I put into operation has an impact immediately.”   A.Macia, CEO

With her vast knowledge, she excels at assisting you in matching your world to who you are and who you aim to be. Give yourself the gift of Jody’s exquisite attention to address your key life issues and/or get your wardrobe pared down and paired up in exciting new ways.

English or French.15-minute to one-day sessions.