Jody Kaylor

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Southern California

  • (512) 809-8929

Coach - Clairvoyant - Energy Healer

Jody invites your essence forward through transformational coaching, and/or clairvoyant reading and energy shifts. Small steps often bring big leaps!

“I had such a good experience; I wanted to go back for more immediately!” – Patrick B.

This former NYC bank V.P. & Parisian Project Manager values tangible skills as well as savoring consciousness and the ability to choose one’s vibrational frequency.

Through clairvoyance – clear seeing (and feeling, hearing, and knowing) – Jody assists with energies that may be stuck, blocked, or not even yours, interrupting unhelpful patterns or pain (physical, emotional) and welcoming energetic vibrations such as joy, peace, or freedom.

“The only way that we can navigate out of this challenging time, I believe, is via our frequency…your consciousness and your frequency, that’s the foundation of everything.” – Pam Gregory

Questions about relationships, money, livelihood, and health are common, yet the possibilities are endless. Sessions are generally one hour – in English or French.

“Jody is PURE MAGIC!” – Glenn Agoncillo

Also available: Bursts of joy – Inspired, inventive interior design collaboration. In person or at a distance.