Jim Martenson

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Manitou Springs, CO

  • 719-766-7828

Business & Leadership Coach

Hello, I’m Jim and my passion is to help build leaders and business owners into their fullest potential. My work is primarily with smaller businesses that employ up to 30 people, and I have over 30 years experience in practicing leadership, managing teams, and leading organizations.  After spending time with me, most leaders leave with a sharper focus on what’s critically important to them and with a clear plan for achieving their personal and organizational goals.

My experience and expertise can support you to:

  • Become your best, most authentic self.
  • Maximize your leadership influence.
  • Effectively communicate on stage, in the boardroom, or one-on-one.
  • Help organize complex ideas into clear goals that move your ideas forward.
  • Create and mobilize staff and teams that are inspired, organized, and drama-free.

Together, we will have fun, bring empowerment to “stuck” places, and create powerful next steps for business and leadership success. Sound interesting? Contact me to schedule a free clarity session where we both determine how I can serve and support you.  Drop an email that introduces yourself at  Jim.Martensoncoaching@gmail.com