Jennie Turton

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Santa Barbara, CA, Available to Coach in All Regions

  • 805-335-8108

Founder of A Sacred Space for Restoring the Feminine Soul is a sacred community offering group coaching, coach training and membership programs especially curated for women and their unique soul journeys and transformation needs. We exist to create a movement of women around the world dedicated to unveiling their most vibrant, feminine selves in order to help bring healing and wholeness to humans, systems, and a planet that desperately needs a fresh approach to the way we do life. We do this by helping Woman remember who she is:

  • She is able to be free, healed, restored of all the systemic pressure and biases that would desire to make her less than.
  • She has every right and privilege to SHINE and to bring all of that power and beauty to a world that desperately needs her to be exactly who she is: WOMAN. 
  • In all her softness, fierceness, and beauty there is something only SHE can contribute to the world. 
  • She is desperately needed. 

We believe that Women remember these things about themselves best when they are in community with other women who are committed to remembering the same.