Soorya and Jack Resels

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2 (near Vancouver)

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Relationship Coaches and Mentors

In our 50+ years together, we’ve come to appreciate the nuances that distinguish successful relationships from floundering ones. Through dedication to our own evolving relationship, we know that any person who is willing to learn can grow, survive the inevitable challenges, and thrive.

What if you could learn to play on the same team, facing hurdles as allies and not as adversaries? What if you could learn to meet your deepest needs with a sense of adventure and curiosity? The ability to create trust and connection, or intimacy, is a skill that given adequate knowledge, support and practice, can be developed and mastered, despite your past history.

As coaches and mentors, we teach relationship skills — facilitating couples and individuals — to build stronger, deeper connections. In private coaching (1-on-1 or 2-on-2) or workshop settings, we use our combined abilities to help our clients access their body wisdom and discover how to be true to their authentic self in all their relationships.

Are you ready to jump in and grow your relationship? We are here to support you. We offer free 20 minute introductory sessions.