Gayle Colman, CFP® Certified Integral Master Coach™

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Wealth is More than Money

Gayle’s clients boast a profound growth in their capacities and awareness after engaging her services steeped in her genius. Your issues and potentials often seen or experienced as daunting are met with skilled guidance enabling you to wholeheartedly face the barriers that halt your progress, including money woes. Grounded in integral theory and somatic mastery, you gain new muscles – fully embodied into a new way of being (seeing and doing) that serve you for life. It isn’t just a simple shift you seek; it’s new realization – new senses, new capacities, new joy, new results. Are you ready to grow in lighthearted space? Are you ready to meet the depths of your potential? Are you ready to wake up to the precious realities of your life… fresh with possibilities? Are you ready to manifest a wealthy life? If yes, contact Gayle. She’s your soul detective, radiating heart, spirit and mastery, for you and that which matters most to you.