Donalda Cormier

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Calgary, AB

  • (403) 241-0108

Cormier Consulting Group

I believe that everything happens in relationships and use this belief in my coaching practice. I teach you to take healthy responsibility for your life and well-being through the everyday events in your life.
Much of the work I do is in the context or organizations. Since we spend so much time at work, and our organizations need to be successful and get bottom-line results, I want to help people create that vision of success: integrate individual and organizational needs to produce organizational results. I like to work with clients seeking to create high performing, engaged workplaces. I bring courage, enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise in many subject areas to my work with all the organizations I partner with.

It is a pleasure to do the work that I do and share my learning with people and the organizations they work in.