Cornelia Hoskin

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Gentle coaching, zero bullshit, your level of woo may vary

I believe we all want big things for ourselves and a coach can guide us in identifying the resistance we encounter on our paths. As leaders we feel the pressure to have the answers and to “have it figured out.” When we get honest, there are often times we simply make it up as we go. Fun fact: That’s actually OK! It’s OK as long as we’re crafting our actions from an authentic and true understanding of ourselves – our essence – and not from our stories, fears and projections. I am interested in guiding you to uncover that essence and to achieve the goal of leading from your whole self. Our sessions will require you to be fully willing to explore and learn. Our time together can also be fun and energizing! Your willingness to be open to the process — and to have a good time doing it — is the key to any successful coaching relationship.