Corinna Bloom

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • (805) 798-0771

Breakthrough Coaching Intensives

I’ve worked with Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks since 2000, taught their most advanced workshops, and among peers and clients, I’m considered one of the most profound and potent teachers and coaches of the Hendricks work. I currently offer coaching intensives, in which I travel to where you are, move with you in your world, and give you a powerful reflection of who you really are, at your core. I am a master at sustaining attention on your essence, and helping you receive what’s magnificent about you. This happens at such a deep level that your nervous system is profoundly altered, and many old issues drop away without you having to work at it. All of us have dreams for our lives that we haven’t been sure we can live up to or pull off – and some don’t let themselves dream big because of that uncertainty. When clients walk through this doorway with me, they find themselves ready and fully capable – that they are a match for their dreams, and that their visions and next steps come easily.