Cath Laporte

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Creative Facilitator

In a nutshell:

– I weave quirky iconic art with the Hendricks tool.

– I ignite the creative spirit and kick-start evolution in action.

About me:
Certified as a Big Leap Coach by the Hendricks Institute and the Restoring Resourcefulness Program, I use interactive technology, visual art, 3D animation, facilitation and performance to create regenerative artistic experiences  that ignite essence and invite homeostasis within ourselves. My social entrepreneurial background, my visual art and creative direction career and my great passion for human potential makes me a one of a kind partner for any teams willing to benefit from my experiential, explosive and playful style of facilitation.

I work with teams (2 or more people) that are looking to expand their vocabulary and develop tools to ignite creativity and connection.

What’s in it for you?

You get to collaborate with a highly creative facilitator that tailors online and/or in person experiences, where members of your team can feel a sense of regeneration through community, inspiration and creativity.