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Life and Relationship Guide

Brett Smith is a lover of learning and of inspiring expansion in others. He loves to utilize his humor when guiding his clients through emotional and sometimes uncomfortable growth. As a coach, he likes to draw on the most difficult parts of his life and the calm he found in the center of each of them to show people how there is a possibility of beauty and joy in our darkest times. Through working with the Hendricks Institute, Brett has discovered a deeper, and more profound way of living; one in which he loves the parts of himself he used to dislike; one where he enjoys powerful connection with his wife and daughter, and plays at growing and deepening those connections. Brett’s Transformational Magic Power stems from his actually living through those things he coaches people on. The value of working with someone who has truly ‘been there’ cannot be over-emphasized and learning to love where you are and where you have been becomes exponentially easier when you can laugh about it. Brett thrives on working with men and women individually and with couples when in partnership with his wife and co-founder of The Smith Connection, Anney Smith.