Berry Koeleman

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Uithoorn, Nederland-1424 NC

  • +31 653 133 085
  • +31 0297 525 225

Berry has a great talent for motivating people and getting others to feel excited about doing something. Coaching people to help them to create possibility, love and openness in their lives. Berry is a natural Motivation and Manifestingcoach. His enthusiasm is contagious and knows how to move you and to go for your Genius! To go for your passion! Berry is a Genius enterprenour and is succesfull in business and creating projects. He is now offering to share these skills with you. Seeing the talents and qualities in you and to get things moving in your life. Your ideas and thoughts putting into action and reality. When Berry enters in your life energy is rising and things are going to happen. Contact him if you want an inspiring coach.