Austin J. Holt

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Kansas City, MO

  • 816-536-9315

Business Coaching, Personal Transformation for Men and Marriage Coaching

Austin began his career in leadership and transformation when he was found leading Sunday School at age 5 when the teacher didn’t show up. One of Austin’s greatest passions is teaching others what it truly means to take personal responsibility for their lives, instead of waiting for someone or something to show up before they can “begin” or grow.

For many years, Austin has been coaching business owners and individuals in creating success, establishing vision and getting what they want out of their time on this earth. Along with his wife Rachel(also a Big Leap Coach) he also leads a marriage counseling/coaching program called Because Marriage Matters, which serves married couples all over the world.

As a Big Leap Coach, Austin utilizes the work of Gay and Katie Hendricks to partner with those who are willing to co-create powerful transformation and change in their life. Austin’s approach also includes elements from IMAGO therapy, mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, Gottman research and more.