Andy Wolfe

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Austin, TX; San Diego, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA; and Online

  • 512-436-0239

Happiness Brings Success | Mindful Leadership Coaching

A serial entrepreneur turned meditation teacher, I coach emotionally mature leaders who value growth, service, and humility.

The heart of my practice is balancing healthy masculine thinking and strength with feminine feeling and ease.

Sati Leadership Coaching™ combines mindfulness meditation, relational and somatic psychology, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, plant wisdom, and creative play! to help individuals and partners cultivate wellbeing and success.

Beginning to struggle with physical and mental health as a kid, I have been on a fruitful wellness journey for over 25 years. With an abundance of information at your fingertips, I can help you navigate what makes the most sense for you, now, and shift in months what’s taken me decades. I combine strong pattern recognition with a high degree of attunement to others to learn in moments what many never see, and then I connect the dots through storytelling…my approach is authentic, kind, and individualized — I like to think of it as human. Many call our time together “life-changing.”

In a nutshell, I teach leaders how to be happy…and how success follows that.