Anastasia Egeli

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

Venice, CA

  • 310-494-1110

What I offer is the support to step into your own story. Knowing what your ideal life and being in your ideal life can be tricky without a guide. 

We all have what we need to have everything we desire. I know that is a fact.  Navigating being in that truth can be tricky. We have to commune with our essence and then build a container that supports that resonance with self.

The prize is priceless.

 I have been creating my story since I met Gay and Katie over 15 years ago. I have also been supporting others to access the resources in themselves to begin their own journey.

 We are all meant to live in our flow and enjoy the extraordinary gift of manifestoing what lies in our heart.

 Thank you for visiting my words and I hope you join this community. 

 I truly believe the more of us who are living in deep integrity, the more we all thrive.