Martin Adamczyk

Washington, DC Area (NoVA)

  • (312) 342-6322

My purpose is to create a joyful, compassionate, and engaging world by teaching others to be present and of service. When I think of the challenges I’ve faced and the unhealthy choices I’ve made, they distill to being in a state of reaction and protection. I believe the fundamental keys to healthy choices and a joyful life exist in being present and self aware. Imagine life’s challenges experienced as powerful learning opportunities. Imagine pain, sadness, and fear turned into a compass toward exhilarating happiness. I most wish to assist people who want quick, sustainable progress in their lives.

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Lynda Aldorisio

Transformational Coach

I am a Transformational Coach, certified with the Hendricks Institute and a psychological-spiritual Astrologer.
My passion is to inspire, educate, and evolve you into the discovery of your own unique perfection. I joyfully offer reliable transformational tools to align you with your highest purpose for the life you most want and the essential skills to cultivate healthy loving relationships.
I am available for individual life coaching sessions, astrological consultations, numerous workshops; including the awakening of the Divine Feminine, and energy healing. I wholeheartedly welcome your participation.
Please feel free to contact me.

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Kiara Andrews

Amherst, MA 01002

  • (413) 549-9213

MA, Professional Certified Coach

I want to share with you the tools that have transformed my life in my years of intensive training with the Hendricks. Creating a gentle, loving space in which you will feel heard and able to move at your own pace, I will be your guide as you access your inner wisdom and discover greater insight, clarity,and empowerment. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families. In addition to my Hendricks certifications in Conscious Relationships, Body Centered Transformation,Mastership and the Living University, I am also an MA, Professional Certified Coach, Master Practioner of NLP, and a workshop director at the Kripalu Center.

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Maurie Arnold


  • (717) 379-0481

Love Your Life Coaching with Maurie Arnold

Please join me in co-creating a life you love, filled with possibility, discovery and passion. I have found that the path to creating a life I love is making one choice at a time in the direction of my aliveness, while facing what might be in the way of living my dreams. This aliveness creates a passion and purpose for having a fulfilling life. Call me to take the next steps on your journey to creating a life you love! I am available for Individual and Relationship coaching, presentations and workshops.

If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.”  John Irving

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Jennifer Blaine

Philadelphia, PA 19146

  • 215) 546-1612
  • (267) 882-6234

I am a transformational coach. I guide people to transform unsatisfactory dynamics into lives brimming with creativity, joy, wonder, and prosperity. You can create the life you want! Learn how to: cultivate self-acceptance, unhook from stuck dynamics, and have meaningful relationships. Contact me if your are looking for a way to spark your aliveness and creativity. I offer Relationship, Transformational, and Genius coaching. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Gayle Colman, CFP® Certified Integral Master Coach™

Wealth is More than Money

Gayle’s clients boast a profound growth in their capacities and awareness after engaging her services steeped in her genius. Your issues and potentials often seen or experienced as daunting are met with skilled guidance enabling you to wholeheartedly face the barriers that halt your progress, including money woes. Grounded in integral theory and somatic mastery, you gain new muscles – fully embodied into a new way of being (seeing and doing) that serve you for life. It isn’t just a simple shift you seek; it’s new realization – new senses, new capacities, new joy, new results. Are you ready to grow in lighthearted space? Are you ready to meet the depths of your potential? Are you ready to wake up to the precious realities of your life… fresh with possibilities? Are you ready to manifest a wealthy life? If yes, contact Gayle. She’s your soul detective, radiating heart, spirit and mastery, for you and that which matters most to you.

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Richard K. Colman, Esquire

Attorney & Financial Planner

Rich uses his vast knowledge, passion for history, analytical ability in concert with a body centered approach to financial planning and wealth management. Rich’s unique genius is to make the complex simple. He loves to partner with others to assist them in reaching their financial goals and manifest a life of abundance. With the skill acquired over 28 years as an Attorney and Financial Planner and the insight gained as a Certified Conscious Relationship Coach and a Hendricks Apprentice, Rich helps his clients discover and recognize true wealth and live a life worth living. Rich works with many individuals and small businesses to move through their limiting money beliefs and manifest the life they envision.

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Sydney Davis

South Orange, NJ

  • (862) 223-9054

Let’s RISE Coaching

An inspirational force of energy, humor and authenticity, Sydney Davis and Let’s RISE coaches individuals, groups and businesses seeking transformational change amongst leadership, communication and purpose. Sydney’s direct but supportive approach propels clients to RISE (reach, inspire, succeed, evolve) in their commitments while staying aligned with their instincts, experiencing results that are both meaningful and lasting.
With a Masters in Counseling and certification as a Life Purpose and Hendricks coach, Sydney has 22 years of professional experience as a teacher, counselor, entrepreneur, leader, coach and visionary. Her clients have included large and small companies, non profits, and educational institutions. Sydney is the Founder and Executive Director of Girls on the Run NJ East where she has been empowering thousands of girls and women for over a decade. She is also an active volunteer for One to One, Women Coaching Women. Client-customized workshops, retreats and courses are designed with creative intention and fun is at the core of everything she does.

…”Sydney is uniquely able to guide groups toward their collective goals, while recognizing and building upon goals of individual members. I would recommend her to any organization seeking to increase productivity, improve corporate culture, and/or break down organizational siloes!” “Sydney is highly accomplished in her field, and among the best group facilitators I have encountered. She brings to bear a wealth of best practice tools and techniques, applied personably and expertly with cross-functional and complex audiences” “My life has changed in the most wonderful and unexpected ways since I’ve started working with her. Sydney has helped to enable me to make changes in areas of my life (both big and small) that I’ve wanted to tackle but avoided out of fear, habit or laziness. She is a thoughtful, creative, motivating coach and I’m incredibly grateful to have her support, encouragement and insight.”

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Anastasia Egeli

New York, NY

  • 646-599-7848

My speciality is igniting your passion for life.

Eight years ago, I found myself daunted by the prospect of having my ideal life. I began commuting between Alicante, Spain and Santa Barbara to The Hendricks Institute. Katie and Gay opened me up to my vulnerability and my power.

I became a certified coach and began studying Psychology at the Open University in London. In Spain, I gave parenting classes focused on creating heart connections within families. I counseled young adults to harness their passion into action steps. I supported women like myself in their love affair with self.

I now practice in New York City. I have created a life in New York that is a testament to this process. I’m looking for a few committed clients who are ready to embrace their adventure.

Call 646-599-7848 or email me at to set up an appointments.

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Beatrice (Bebe) W. Hansen

Washington, DC Area (NoVA)

  • (713) 857-1506

Leadership Coach, MSSW, ACC

I am a Leadership Coach, Consultant and Trainer. The Hendricks training informs my work at all levels, and I offer a range of services from one-on-one leadership coaching to helping work groups and teams function better together. I teach, train, and facilitate a variety of customized workshops to fit your organizational needs. I hold certifications from the International Coach Federation, Presence-Based Coaching, The Strozzi Institute, The Enneagram Institute and have been in the Diamond Approach formal spiritual path for many years. 
My specialties include leadership skill development; change and transition management; creating conscious relationships at work and home; cultivating presence.

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Oxana Holtmann

Conscious Living and Relationship Coach, MA, CPCC

I help globally mobile professionals and their spouses to discover the power and creativity of their soul, which after all is the only portable thing we have. I am the founder of the Live + Create Across Cultures, a project that explores in depth the issues and potentials of relocation.

I also work with individuals in career transitions: those who would like to discover new meaningful things to do in their life and stand strong in their new life occupation.

Clients say they value my ability to see the big picture, my strong intuition, emotional attunement, and depth.

Wondering if coaching is right for you? Text or email me at: 202-390-7311, and book a free consultation with me. After the consultation, you will know what holds you back and what your next step is.

Let’s work together!

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Jan Kielty

Pittsburgh, PA 15238

  • (412) 779-1399

I offer clients the means to create their own well-being, loving relationships, and clarity of purpose.With my assistance, enjoy re-discovering your true essence.Create the life you want, and have fun doing it!

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Liz Lacey

Amherst, MA

  • 814-753-2620

I enjoy assisting those who are willing to recognize their patterns and unconscious beliefs, to let go of blame, and to step fully into their lives. My direct and playful style will allow you to get in touch with the areas within yourself that most need loving attention to help you move into your authentic self. I like working with women and men who are looking to realize the richness of life through curiosity, self-awareness, and self-forgiveness. My intention is to help you see yourself as worthy of love, relationships and treasures of life.

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Max & Grayson Lee

Rochester, New York 14617

  • (585) 413-6744


We assist clients in creating what they want in their lives. The skills we bring enables deep sharing & reflection combined with practical action planning. Serving as catalysts, we help clients create better relationships, alignment with their life purpose, more financial abundance, more vitality, and more. As our clients learn and practice Hendricks relationship skills, they move more creative energy throughout their lives. And along the way they re discover and truly appreciate who they have been all along.

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Nicole Taylor Linehan

Philadelphia, PA

  • (215) 499-6154

Transformational Coaching

My creative genius pulsates in exploring life as a vehicle for expressing the soul’s highest desires. I value Presence, Acceptance, Empowerment, Inspiration, and Joy—and these qualities are inherent in each coaching session.
Together we create space in which the unconscious commitments that are organizing your current reality can be seen and accepted, and then we choose new conscious commitments that reflect what you really want to create in your life. We generate measurable action steps that you can take immediately to experience more vitality and connection. I am a force for inspiration and discovery, and in working with me you’ll access those qualities in yourself more fully than ever before.

I work with individuals and couples in person and through video calls. I create individualized workshops for teams and businesses interested in working cohesively and generating more creativity.

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Marcus EliYAhu Mann

Philadelphia, PA 19119

  • (215) 438-9839

Relation-SHIFT - Awakening the SELF Personal Evolution Mentoring

“If you cannot find it in your own body,
you will not find it elsewhere.”
– Upanishads
Among both colleagues and clients here on the East Coast, I am known as a potent teacher, catalyst and guide for conscious relationship, mind-body counseling, and personal psychospiritual growth and awakening. Since I first began studying with Katie and Gay in 1997, I have also integrated Core Energetics, Buddhist and Advaitic Nondual psychology, aspects of David Deida’s sacred sexuality work, my previous Reiki and Rebirthing and bodywork certifications, kabbalistic wisdom, my Imago Relationship Therapy training, and Ken Wilber’s brilliant guiding framework of consciousness development into my Hendricks certifications. And, working successfully both in person and by phone with people from all over the U.S. and beyond, I teach and coach only what I’ve experienced in my own body and life. As both Gay and my beloved friend Christina would say, “I am my own best customer!”
I help people catalyze and create the relationship they want with another through catalyzing and creating the relationship they want with themselves.

My genius is in seeing and interacting with your essence. I respect my clients as equals, and as I mirror and am present to your essence, I help you distinguish ego (our fear-based, reactive defendedness) from your essential Self, and receive and awaken to what’s actually magnificent about you. With generous listening, humor, loving presence, deep openness, playfulness, the applied wisdom of Hendricks skills and principles, and what many couples and individuals have described as laser-beam insight, you receive and have the opportunity to awaken to who you really are, at your core. We thereby co-create the transformative space for you to emerge and express your greatness, discover ease and flow both in your own body and in blame-free celebratory relationships, and move your creative projects and contribution out into the world.

If you haven’t arrived at these places, and want to, call me. I’m excited to work with you.

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Maria Merloni

I am a life coach, therapist, and writer specializing in sacred sexuality. I write and teach about Synergistic Energy Exchange, (S.E.X.), which is when two or more individuals work together cooperatively to create an exchange of energy. I live in Massachusetts and do work with clients both in person and on the phone. I teach individuals and couples how to have S.E.X. Contact me via phone or email for more information.

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David Seth Michaels

Spencertown, NY 12165

  • (518) 392-9150

David is an experienced trial lawyer and coach. Because having a legal issue can be a transformational opportunity, David assists his clients in exploring why their particular legal issue may have arisen and what can be done to clear it up. When the underlying cause for the legal issue is realized and attended to, the legal issue, having served its purpose, tends to resolve as well.

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Rebecca Narva

Philadelphia, PA

  • 505-379-1877

As a Hendricks Life Coach, and Nia Technique Professional, my passion is to facilitate discovery of the basic goodness, wisdom and health which you already possess.  With friendly curiosity, deep acceptance and body awareness, we explore together limiting beliefs and old strategies that can hide your greatest strengths and potentials both physically and mentally.   The Hendricks Coaching wisdom tools combined with the expressive fitness practice of Nia, (Dance, Martial and Healing Arts) are a powerful and transformative combination. Used separately or together, they integrate your sensory, emotional, physical and cognitive ways of knowing, giving you greater clarity of vision, real emotional freedom and vitalizing physical health. As a fellow traveler in the sometimes overwhelming challenges of life, I know that these are huge treasures and I consider it the highest privilege to be your companion in this life enhancing education.

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Tim Peek

An Emmy-award winning network news executive, Tim Peek combines his business experience with practices to increase self-awareness, connection and creativity to help organizations and their leaders solve their most important problems.

Tim’s speciality is working in disruptive environments where the old ways aren’t working and the new ways are not yet apparent. Whether that means coaching mid-career executives through job change, making the most of millennial employees, or finding solutions to new market challenges, Tim helps clients unlock their inherent power to create what they most want.

With his wife, Hendricks coach Meg Dennison, Tim also coaches couples and individuals who want to improve their long-term relationships.

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Steve Plimpton

Princeton, NJ 08542

  • (609) 240-3736

Life Coach

With simple and enjoyable body-centered techniques, I assist clients to access and use their own natural resources to create the life they want. I start with what is-a client-defined issue, complaint or potential-and work with the client to see what needs to happen and what action steps they want to take. We work “with the grain,” so that each session is easeful, spacious and pleasurable. The first session is free.

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R & J Roark

West Friendship, MD 21794

  • (301) 854-6797

Conscious Living with Couples and Individuals

Roger and Judith work together as a couple assisting other couples with relationship issues and conscious living skills. Judith and Roger work independently with individuals on life skills and conscious living skills.

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Will Swift

New York, New York 10021

  • (212) 517-6942
  • (518) 758-0684

Will Swift is a master of manifestation. He takes great pleasure in assisting people to clarify their intentions, and he is skillful at helping individuals to develop plans to enrich their lives. He uses body work, imagery, meditation, and cognitive therapy in his work. He has been a practicing therapist for thirty-five years and is an expert couples therapist. Very playful, Will creates a warm and fun atmosphere for easy transformation.

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Sandra Wells

Hudson Valley, New York

  • (914) 213-4447

I am a large space. Large enough for your feelings to flourish and your beliefs to be challenged. I am an illuminating revealer. Helping you to see and know your own strengths. I am a playful collaborator. Holding your history gently while you create a compelling future. My strengths are expressed as laser awareness, open-hearted acceptance, compassion, and practiced integration of body, mind, spirit.

I began my work with Gay and Katie in 1989 with a life-changing personal intensive. I trained with them until 1997, serving as their east coast training coordinator and as a training facilitator. I continue to draw upon the extraordinary value of everything that I learned during that time.

I offer coaching services to individuals, couples, families and organizations. My passion is to elicit the vibrance and creativity that we all possess so that we can leave a legacy of sustainability for our children and grandchildren.

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