Maurie Arnold

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach


  • (717) 379-0481

Love Your Life Coaching with Maurie Arnold

Please join me in co-creating a life you love, filled with possibility, discovery and passion. I have found that the path to creating a life I love is making one choice at a time in the direction of my aliveness, while facing what might be in the way of living my dreams. This aliveness creates a passion and purpose for having a fulfilling life. Call me to take the next steps on your journey to creating a life you love! I am available for Individual and Relationship coaching, presentations and workshops.

If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.”  John Irving

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Gayle Colman, CFP® Certified Integral Master Coach™

Wealth is More than Money

Gayle’s clients boast a profound growth in their capacities and awareness after engaging her services steeped in her genius. Your issues and potentials often seen or experienced as daunting are met with skilled guidance enabling you to wholeheartedly face the barriers that halt your progress, including money woes. Grounded in integral theory and somatic mastery, you gain new muscles – fully embodied into a new way of being (seeing and doing) that serve you for life. It isn’t just a simple shift you seek; it’s new realization – new senses, new capacities, new joy, new results. Are you ready to grow in lighthearted space? Are you ready to meet the depths of your potential? Are you ready to wake up to the precious realities of your life… fresh with possibilities? Are you ready to manifest a wealthy life? If yes, contact Gayle. She’s your soul detective, radiating heart, spirit and mastery, for you and that which matters most to you.

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Richard K. Colman, Esquire

Carlisle, MA

  • (978) 371-2015

Attorney & Financial Planner

Rich uses his vast knowledge, passion for history, analytical ability in concert with a body centered approach to financial planning and wealth management. Rich’s unique genius is to make the complex simple. He loves to partner with others to assist them in reaching their financial goals and manifest a life of abundance. With the skill acquired over 28 years as an Attorney and Financial Planner and the insight gained as a Certified Conscious Relationship Coach and a Hendricks Apprentice, Rich helps his clients discover and recognize true wealth and live a life worth living. Rich works with many individuals and small businesses to move through their limiting money beliefs and manifest the life they envision.

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Anastasia Egeli

Restoring Resourcefulness Coach

New York, NY

  • 646-599-7848

My speciality is igniting your passion for life.

Eight years ago, I found myself daunted by the prospect of having my ideal life. I began commuting between Alicante, Spain and Santa Barbara to The Hendricks Institute. Katie and Gay opened me up to my vulnerability and my power.

I became a certified coach and began studying Psychology at the Open University in London. In Spain, I gave parenting classes focused on creating heart connections within families. I counseled young adults to harness their passion into action steps. I supported women like myself in their love affair with self.

I now practice in New York City. I have created a life in New York that is a testament to this process. I’m looking for a few committed clients who are ready to embrace their adventure.

Call 646-599-7848 or email me at to set up an appointments.

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Beatrice (Bebe) W. Hansen

Washington, DC Area (NoVA)

  • (713) 857-1506

Leadership Coach, MSSW, ACC

I am a Leadership Coach, Consultant and Trainer. The Hendricks training informs my work at all levels, and I offer a range of services from one-on-one leadership coaching to helping work groups and teams function better together. I teach, train, and facilitate a variety of customized workshops to fit your organizational needs. I hold certifications from the International Coach Federation, Presence-Based Coaching, The Strozzi Institute, The Enneagram Institute and have been in the Diamond Approach formal spiritual path for many years. 
My specialties include leadership skill development; change and transition management; creating conscious relationships at work and home; cultivating presence.

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Oxana Holtmann

Leadership and Transformation Graduate

Conscious Living Coach and Dreamworker, MA

I am the founder of the educational platform SoulAtPlay Media.  I also offer dreamwork sessions to individuals and groups.

You have probably achieved a lot in your life. Now you are ready for something closer to your heart. You are prepared to make that big leap and expand your capacity for love, abundance, and creativity. 

I help you explore an inexhaustible resource within you – your dreams and imagination. This might lead you to deepening your connection with yourself, regaining your personal authority, and creating more sustainable and meaningful changes in your work, relationships, and the world. 

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Nicole Taylor

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Philadelphia, PA

  • (215) 499-6154

Transformational Coaching

My creative genius pulsates in exploring life as a vehicle for expressing the soul’s highest desires. I value Presence, Acceptance, Empowerment, Inspiration, and Joy—and these qualities are inherent in each coaching session.
Together we create space in which the unconscious commitments that are organizing your current reality can be seen and accepted, and then we choose new conscious commitments that reflect what you really want to create in your life. We generate measurable action steps that you can take immediately to experience more vitality and connection. I am a force for inspiration and discovery, and in working with me you’ll access those qualities in yourself more fully than ever before.

I work with individuals and couples in person and through video calls. I create individualized workshops for teams and businesses interested in working cohesively and generating more creativity.

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Venn Sage Wylder (they/them/their)

Leadership and Transformation GraduateRestoring Resourcefulness Coach

Burlington, VT

  • (971) 404-7294

work = play = dance

You want loving, playful interruptions for stories, games, & structures that no longer serve you, and you want to create — or better co-create — surprisingly delightful new ones. In the dance of your life, you want all your work to be play.

You want your coach to — with you — reliably generate brilliant coaching moments. You want to give appreciative attention to openings and opportunities as they show up in the moment, letting go of expectations about what a coaching session looks like, and diving into the unknown with your whole body to follow your own intuitive hits. You want your coach to do the same thing right alongside you.

You want a coach fluent in and familiar with sex-positive, queer, gender-nonconforming, & polyamorous worlds from the inside. You’re intentionally antiracist & transfeminist, and affirm agender, aromantic, and asexual identities and experiences. You don’t want to spend your time teaching another service provider about pronouns.

Email me to schedule a 30-minute initial consultation in which we’ll check whether we’re a good fit for each other.

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