Suzanne Kilkus, PhD, LMFT

Madison, WI 53713

  • (608) 223-4376

Relationship and Body-Centered Coach

Committed relationship gives us an everyday opportunity to live fully, mature into our best selves, and open to love’s gifts with increasing enjoyment.  Sometimes the teacher first arrives as pain and struggle. I know it’s possible to create everyday happiness and joy in your relationship and life.  I’ve learned this over 30 years of practice and my 45 year marriage. Working with me involves being willing to change, learning new skills, and taking responsibility for what you bring to your relationships. I coach and guide couples to stop blaming each other and themselves so that your energy can be spent on solving the issues and creating the relationship you most want. Some changes can happen quickly, some take more time. You will be invited to use curiosity and wonder rather than blame and judgment. You will learn what to pay attention to, how to say what you need to say, listen to what you need to listen to, and reconnect to each other in ways that are good for each person and good for your relationship.

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