Rebecca Narva

Philadelphia, PA

  • 505-379-1877

As a Hendricks Life Coach, and Nia Technique Professional, my passion is to facilitate discovery of the basic goodness, wisdom and health which you already possess.  With friendly curiosity, deep acceptance and body awareness, we explore together limiting beliefs and old strategies that can hide your greatest strengths and potentials both physically and mentally.   The Hendricks Coaching wisdom tools combined with the expressive fitness practice of Nia, (Dance, Martial and Healing Arts) are a powerful and transformative combination. Used separately or together, they integrate your sensory, emotional, physical and cognitive ways of knowing, giving you greater clarity of vision, real emotional freedom and vitalizing physical health. As a fellow traveler in the sometimes overwhelming challenges of life, I know that these are huge treasures and I consider it the highest privilege to be your companion in this life enhancing education.