Olga Kuvaldina M.A., M.Ed., PhD(c)

Stockholm, Sweden

  • +46 (0) 73 960 10 59


It is my calling to foster our wellbeing and creativity, as well as to explore and teach how to ‘ease’ and balance all areas of life. Through private coaching, mentorship program and trainings that I offer, I encourage and empower my clients to daily use our body intelligence and emotional intelligence which are essential for a powerful transformation, success and quality of life. With certainty, I can say that the Hendricks’ body-centered coaching method is one of the most effective approaches out there and it can bring amazing positive shifts to your life situation very quickly. I’ve seen it made miracles in my life and life of many others.
Main focus areas of my work:
• enhancing relationships of all types (romantic, friends, family, colleagues, business partners)
• finding emotional balance
• achieving professional success using the power of creative expression vs. working harder and more hours
conscious creating of life of wellness and fulfilment.