Amelia Barnes, MBA MA LMHC

Indianapolis, Indiana

  • (317) 688-7278

Empowering Professional Women in Midlife to Thrive

Amelia Barnes delights in empowering midlife professional women to thrive. Would you like to have the clarity, confidence, and courage to turn your dreams into reality? Perhaps you’re in the midst of life transitions or feel overwhelmed or stuck? What would you like to create in the next chapter of your life? Gain clarity in who you are and what you most want. Allow your authentic self to shine. Learn to trust your gut, ask for what you want, and take consistent action steps to make your dreams come true.

With over 20 years experience and as an enthusiastic user of Hendricks’ tools, Amelia’s work allows clients to release old beliefs, fears and core issues that hold them back from having what they most want. Her work is playful and compassionate, and she creates a safe environment that allows clients to feel heard and valued so they can make the changes they desire.

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