Jennifer Werbeloff

South Melbourne, Victoria 3122

  • 613 9699 1673

Sourcing from Within™

Jenny Werbeloff is inspirational, dynamic and vibrant; a natural teacher and educator, mentor and counsellor. Jenny does not seek to tell you ‘how’ but rather creates a rich learning environment for each to discover ‘what else is possible’. Her expertise is in drawing on the resources of each person so that they are their primary instrument of positive change. Her role is to be a catalyst for transformation and to facilitate the process of discovering what your contributions can be. For change to happen, “… there is no need to change external circumstances. Changing me, changes the whole”.

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Rod West

Live Your Essence

Deep inside we all have a feeling of who we really are. This is our essence. As unique as our fingerprint. It’s our living energy. Our source of infinite love and infinite wisdom. Our essence provides the passion to live a meaningful life and the power to realise our dreams. It’s our connection to the divine. But at some time we lost our way. Fear, beliefs, childhood conditioning and suppressed emotion cloud our connection. But there is a way home. There is a way to heal our connection to source of our being. It takes faith to trust something much bigger than us. Willingness to believe in our own innocence and perfection. Wonder and curiosity to explore our conditioning, beliefs and emotions. Responsibility to see our life is our creation and ours alone. And courage to accept our power to change it. The journey will transform your life as it has transformed mine. Is it time you lived from your essence? I can’t give you your answers but I can help show you the way.

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